Saturday, May 2, 2009

HELP-ing hand from HELP University College

One of the key factors that Jumble Station puts priority on is the need for education for the children of Single Parents. Why? Education is the passport to future success, the lynchpin that can break the chains and bonds of poverty.

But what if the single family concerned does not have the finance to fund the child’s education? Previously one would have just shrugged it off and gone straight to the working/ employment pool. Today there are other options and one of them is to tap into the potential offered in the area of scholarships by the various organisations.

Hence, when Jumble Station got a chance to meet with Mrs Paul Chan, the co-founder of the well established HELP University College we took the opportunity to broach the subject of scholarships for needy folks – especially for the children of poor single parents. A concerned Mrs Chan was more than willing to offer a full scholarship to deserving children of single parents wanting to pursue a degree here in Malaysia.

Spurred by the desire to see as many deserving smart youngsters get the tertiary education they deserve Mr and Mrs Paul Chan co-founded HELP Uni College which has since gone on to make great strides in private education. Now she agreed to extend a HELPing hand to one of ours.

Sujata, daughter of single mother Panjalai from Angsana Flats in USJ1 was offered a full scholarship to do her foundation and a three-year degree course in accountancy. Despite the distance – from Angsana to the Kommuter to KL Sentral to Damansara – Sujata expressed joy and happiness at this golden opportunity to pursue her studies in a well established and highly respected institute. The only snag is that it costs quite a bit for transport – RM5 x 2 = RM10 to and from the school each day and Jumble Station is hoping to find an individual willing to commit to RM500 a month just so Sujata can travel and have a bit of lunch for the next four years as she pursues a course in accounting.

Jason Kwan is another bright student keen to pursue a career in advertising. We’re approaching The One Academy for a possible scholarship but in the meantime, are there any kind souls out there, ready and willing to invest in educating a bright yet poor student? If so just buzz or send an SMS to 016-2202958 and we can chat .