Friday, July 15, 2011

JS featured in July issue of Her World

It’s funny how publicity comes when you least expect it…hmmm? Jumble Station had gone to a house belonging to Fanny Bucheli to get the items she wanted to donate for our single parents cause and it turns out she’s a writer with this very esteemed publication Her World!

Unaware of this at that time, she had queried me on what we would do with the toys and other stuff she was giving us and when I told her that some would be given away free to poor single parents and the rest sold to low cost flat dwellers and the money used to assist single parents, she was very excited and said she’d like to write about what we’re doing for this special group.

Of course I had no objections since all kinds of promotions are good for our cause which is still relatively unknown to a majority of people. Being an ex-journalist myself I am very wary of utilizing my journalistic contacts and network to gain exposure for JS for fear of abusing the connections and putting friends in a fix but if someone stumbles on us and wants to write about us, ah, that’s a different story altogether right?

So here’s the printed copy and if you want to read the interesting piece, just go get the July issue and read it all – nice piece complete with rare pix of all three of us all dolled and made up too ha ha! After reading, do please donate the magazine to JS, we'd be happy to have it for our record (smile)!