Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We have a Trade!

Trade Up 4 JS has gotten off to a slow start. That’s understandable considering it was launched just about the time the PM announced the dissolution of Parliament and said that the 12th General Election is on so with all the nominations, the ceramahs, the excitement over who is in and who’s out, Trade Up 4 JS got kinda lost in the shuffle.

Still it hasn’t been too bad, we had five items offered and posted just to kick start it off and now it’s decision time. Which of the five items proffered do we trade up to?

There is Cheryl's Lucky the stuffed dalmation dog, then there’s the write stuff Tamimi’s twin pen sets, there’s Pamela’s jewellery box and there’s LY Toh’s miniature bamboo plant and lastly there Jennifer's thermos drinking mugs.
Lian See (Single Parents Co-ordinator), Rong Tau (my web kaki) and I all vote for Lucky, the cute little doggie. Why so? Well perhaps its because we all love dogs – Lian See has one pet dog a real terror, errr.. terrier called Terry (what else!) and Rong Tau has two canine cuties of his own – Ruffles and Cuddles – gifts from his parents who worry about him being all alone in a nice big house. As for me, I was born in the year of the Dog (okay so you can guess my age already!), I’m trying to start a dog collection but it hasn’t gone very far but more pertinently I do have a great fondness for stuffed toys and Lucky happens to be the lucky one chosen in place of JS train mascot for the first stage of the Trade Up 4 JS. Since Cheryl is in PJ we'll do the handing over personally leaving GDex to handle the really far locations.

So what’s it gonna be next now that Lucky’s gonna be put up for the next round of Trade Up 4 JS? Come on, think creatively, it doesn’t have to cost the earth, just a little more than the RM20 that Lucky the toy dog is worth…let's keep this game of Trade Up going folks.and soon we'll get our much needed van, not forgetting generate enough buzz about the plight of Single Parents so... just snap a pix of the item you wanna offer and email it to or and lets see where this leads us to… cheers Antz

Monday, February 25, 2008

Awash in washing machines :)

Is a washing machine a luxury item or a necessity these days? One caller when told that most of the Single Parents had asked for a washing machine each, snapped that "its more of a luxury and not a neccessity!" but when told that many of them like Babu have more than 3 kids to contend with on a daily basis conceeded that perhaps a washing machine in this case would help.

So anyway after the NST wrote of Babu's need for a washing machine, there were several calls, one of whom came from a very nice chap who offered his old but still working washing machine. I said that's okay and then asked him for his address only to discover that he lives in Klebang... er.. Malacca ...ouch, I dread to think of the cost of transporting the old machine so I politely turned it down. The point is, he was kind enough to want to help and that's really touching indeed.

Meanwhile, here's a pix of both Babu and one of his sons collecting the brand new washing machine, a gift from Mrs Siva who had purchased it specially for him and had it delivered to Jumble Station where I could snap his happy pix before letting him take it back to his place at Desa Mentari. Babu had earlier rented a lorry to collect some furniture for JS and having unloaded the items there, was more than happy to take his new found 'help' home while Rainah too was a very happy recipient of a brand new washing machine from Josephine of Subang - at least now she need not to have to wash by hand the clothes of her four very boisterous boys....JS hopes that there are some more generous souls out there who can help fulfill the wishlist of some of the Single Parents which can be viewed on this blog... Antz

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A leg up from the NST

Hey JS was featured on the Street pages of the New Straits Times titled " A Worthy Cause." We were able to share with the reporter Sri Priya what was special about JS. Turns out she was from my old alma mater (old school) CHIJ and we got on very well. Anyway she was really touched by what little we've managed to do in such a short time and what's nice was that she could interview some people on the spot - CG leader Robbin Khoo who had dropped by to visit JS and Ita the tailor who is a customer of JS as well as a Pakistani guy who has been more than happy to buy a television set from us before. What's really great about the write-up that appeared in yesterday's paper is that it highlights the needs of Single Parents succinctly especially that of single father Chandra Babu and get this... just hours after the paper hit the streets, I received a call from a Mrs Siva who wanted to assist Babu by buying him a brand new washing machine. She did just that and had the shop deliver it to JS where we will then arrange for it to be sent over to Babu's place so that I can photograph his boys' surprise and happiness!

And that's not all one other reader Josephine also called to offer assistance and I highlighted the fact that Rainah who lost her husband Jerry Rambayan from drowning while spear fishing in an abandoned construction site just a month ago, also needs a washing machine so that she can focus on doing other things for her 4 boys. Jo so graciously and generously agreed to get her a brand new washing machine which is set to arrive tomorrow so watch out for pictures of their surprised looks thanks to these kind souls...we have many more Single Parents in need of items so check out the Single Parents wishlist to see if you can bring some joy into their lives...Antz

Monday, February 18, 2008

JS junior takes shape

Meet Chandra Babu, a single father of 9 children (7 boys and 2 girls) whose wife died some three months ago. Babu's two daughters are living in Shelter Home but the 7 boys are living at Desa Mentari Sunway flats with their dad Babu. Babu has for the last 7 years worked as a lorry driver collecting scrap and recycle items. There is just one snag - he doesn't own a lorry and must depend on using the one belonging to his sister-in-law, if it is not being used by her family. Now however, with the scrap business booming, he doesn't get much chance to drive the lorry and must needs pay around RM50- RM80 to rent lorries belonging to the others. That has made it really tough for him indeed making him late in paying for his rent this month as well as his utility bills.

JS has been able to assist Babu financially in various ways - first by paying for his trip to send the wife's ashes back to Ipoh, assisting with monthly grocery needs and giving them the cash needed to pay the rental and utilities bills that were due. JS is trying to assist him with getting a second hand lorry of his own which can then be used for his own scrap collection as well as to tranport items for the JS recycle store and from the store for onward sale. Now however getting a lorry on a long term basis is what's needed the most to keep his growing kids fed and secure a better future for himself.

JS is trying to assist him in this matter and is also helping him to get birth certificates for all his 9 kids so they can be eligible for school aid and welfare. Aside from the lorry, Babu also needs a washing machine so that he and the oldest boy won't have to spend too much time washing clothes.

Meanwhile, he is seen here helping Mary Dass the coordinator for Desa Mentari's 20 single parents to set up a tuition centre (2 rooms) and JS Junior in the hall of the flat itself. The tables and chairs were part of those donated by the Lotus Restaurant group just after we agreed to rent the Desa Mentari flat to help the Single Parents there be more financially independent.
DUMC member Robbin Khoo a loyal supporter of JS was on hand to assist with the setting up of JS Junior...Antz

Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to play the Trade UP 4 JS game

It takes a few good souls to bring about change and Jumble Station needs you to create the climate of change, a change for the better for Single Parents in need of a van.

For the benefit of those who want to know:

What is Trade Up 4 JS (Jumble Station)?
Trade Up 4 JS is where one swaps or barter trade an item for something that is always better than the one being posted online by JS.

Where do I find the link to Trade Up 4 JS?
Click on the animated Trade Up 4 JS link, go to Trade Up 4 JS what is it and click on add reply, type in your message, upload your pix and you’re done or email to your pix of you have problems uploading the pix.

How does one play it?
Jumble Station starts the game by offering a toy train. You offer another item or items that are more worthwhile or valuable than the toy train and tell us what’s so special about the item or its condition

So how do I post my item?
Take a clear, sharp photo of the item and upload your photos, use image hosting services such as Photobucket or Imageshack to host your pictures and add their url in your post. Give details where possible about its history or what’s so special about the item. put it online then link your url to this forum or send it via email to To

Who decides what gets chosen?
Jumble Station (manyants) has the last say on what gets picked.

What do I do if my item is chosen?
You can drop the item off at the nearest GDex office or have someone from Gdex pick it up from your office/home. Address it to: Jumble Station F1-01-05 Angsana Flats, Subang Mewah, USJ 1, Subang Jaya 47620, Selangor, Malaysia
GDex will pick up the bartered item from Jumble Station and courier it to the address you provide.

How will I know if my item is picked?
You will receive an email and an SMS notification if your item is selected.

When should I send the item that is selected?
Within one to two days at most

Who pays for the delivery?
GDex as the delivery partner in this game will deliver only, the chosen item to JS and vice versa, for free.

Who can play?
Subscribers of ( and anyone from Malaysia (free delivery) or abroad (delivery at one’s own cost).

How many items can I post for Trade-Up 4 JS?
As many as you like and as often so long as the item has not been picked or the price is not lower than the item being posted online. All due items must be in good working condition.

Where is the nearest Gdex office for me?
Check out the Gdex website which is on this blog as well.

Why should I participate in Trade Up 4 JS?
You alone can make the difference in one Single Parents life beginning now.
Then too, it’s never been done in Malaysia before. It’s a fun, exhilarating way to trade your unwanted stuff while helping Single Parents who are in need.

What’s in it for Single Parents?
Each time a trade is successfully made, we’re hoping a corporate body or an individual will donate an item from the Single Parents’ wishlist.
The van is needed to ferry them for monthly networking and other special events. There is greater awareness of their plight and their special needs.

How does Jumble Station benefit from this?
The van can also be used to collect donated items, especially bulky, big ticket items like a fridge, washing machine, air-conditioner, furniture etc for the Single Parents in need and for the 2nd hand shop.

Who is behind this initiative?
Check out:

When does Trade-Up for JS end?
As soon as someone or a company offers us a van that is good working condition or better still, new! So the faster you participate, the faster can JS’ objective be achieved!

Single Parents Wishlist

From: Desa Mentari Low Cost Flats - Sunway

1. Shanti a/p Manokaram –Unit no: B6-7-29. 5 children – Needs: 2 double beds (fulfilled)
2. Chandra Babu (Single dad) B6 – 01-40. Has 9 children, washing machine (fulfilled), 2nd hand 1 ton lorry
3. Arokiamary Dass – B6-2-36, 1 daughter and acts as the facilitator for Single Parents in Desa Mentari – needs a 2nd hand car to ferry single parents and kids around
4. Amuttra – B5-8-41, 2 children, wants a sofa set
5. Rajathi – B5-8-40, 3 children – wants a TV
6. Vijayah Sinnathamby – B5-1-1, children 2 – needs Dining Table (fulfilled)
7. M Annitra J Manidas – B6-9-2, children 3 – needs washing machine
8. Shanti Aneha Arumugam B6 – 10-8 , children 4 – needs washing machine

From: Angsana Low Cost Flat in Subang Mewah, USJ1

1. Siti – 2 children – needs a washing machine, sofa set (fulfilled)
2. Sabariah Hussin – 3 children – needs a 2nd hand car to carry goods for sale at pasar malams
3. Rainah Kinsang - 4 boys - needs washing machine (fulfilled), sofa set (fulfilled), beds, dining table (fulfilled)
4. Rosnani - 6 children - needs RM 3,500 as down payment for a van to start a food business


1. Julie Tan – 4 children - a 2nd hand car to ferry kids around
3. Madam Goh – 4 children – repairs to her rundown shack or a low cost flat
Subang Jaya:

Lim Lian See co-founder of JS - 1 daughter - an LCD projector for presentations to firm on JS, a van to ferry Single parents and collect items for JS.

More will be added as we go along…

Friday, February 15, 2008

A photo upload glitch

Cheryl from PJ emailed me to say she couldn't post a picture of the item she wants to offer on the Trade Up 4 JS forum last night. According to my web expert only those whose pictures are on a url can do so or the non tech savvy folks can choose to do it the usual way - just drop me a mail with an attached photo (clear pix) to and I'll post it on the blog.

Here's what Cheryl wrote: "I want to trade my stuffed Dalmation Lucky for your train. This is to wish you all the luck in your drive to get a van for single mothers. Lucky is worth RM20 at least, I know he will bring you luck. I tried but cannot post the photo so I will email to your gmail address - Cheryl, graphic artist from PJ

Well Cheryl, my apologies but these are teething problems and little glitches but thanks anyway for your resourcefulness in ensuring that Lucky gets his er.. day!
So it looks like Lucky's the top dog right now gunning for the JS train, any others wanna trade up for charity...we will wait a week to give others a chance before deciding which item the JS train will be traded up for. So don't wait, play on...Antz

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Introducing the Trade Up 4 JS charity initiative

Happy Valentine to all JS supporters... Hey... the game... Trade Up for on from today. It's a first ever for a Malaysian online charity initiative, it's new, strange, bold, audacious yes, and its success depends on you. Your keen and continued participation in this innovative, digital way of reaching out to the masses will make or break this effort.
How do you participate - easy! Just snap an item that is of higher value than the one JS is posting on the Trade Up 4 JS forum and put a short description of the item and post a pix of it on the forum. If JS likes the item, we have a "Trade" or a swap. After that the items gets couriered for free by GDEX and JS now puts the newly traded item online and the game continues... until JS gets the van it needs...
JS kicks off this charity drive with a RM5 toy train (batteries not included :)) U game?

Read the press release prepared for more details:

Subang Jaya, 14 February 2008 - A train for a van? Anyone want to Trade Up for charity?

Jumble Station (JS), a community outreach initiative with a singular vision to help Single Parents in need, has launched today, its online charity drive called Trade-Up 4 JS.

Trade-Up 4 JS is where one swaps an item for something much better. Patterned after the one red paperclip where Kyle macDonald actually traded a paper clip for a house in Canada, Trade-Up 4 JS aims to barter trade upwards among Internet users in Malaysia until it achieves its objective – swap for a van!

Trade-Up 4 JS is aimed at assisting Single Parents in need, generate greater awareness of their plight and ultimately highlight the need for a van to carry the Single Parents to events organised for them and to collect bulky donated items.

The van is needed to ferry the Single Parents that Jumble Station has been assisting as and to collect big items that are donated such as washing machine, refridgerators etc to Jumble Station.

Jumble Station will post a toy train on its blog and participants are invited to click on the Trade-Up 4 JS forum where they can post the item they want to swap so long as the item offered is higher priced or better than the one posted by JS. This will go on until JS’s objective is achieved –a new or good condition van is swapped or given!

GDEX, a courier company with offices all over Malaysia has agreed to deliver for JS the traded item from JS to the chosen participant, for free in Malaysia only. an online job recruitment firm, will promote this online charity drive to all its 1 million plus subscribers so that they can have a crack at this audacious charity initiative. Both companies believe in partnering with JS on this initiative as part of their effort to leverage on technology to do good to those who most need it..

Trade-Up 4 JS wants individuals and firms to participate in the game just for the fun of seeing exactly where its going and how long it will take for JS to get what it wants.
So snap a photo of the item you want to offer for Trade-Up and lets see where this game leads to…Jumble Station is also looking for corporate or individuals willing to sponsor an item or two on the Single Parents Wish list which can be fulfilled each time an item is successfully traded up.. so any takers out there?

For more info call/sms: Mary Anne Tan 016-2202958 or email:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

No one lives in such poor conditions these days ...

Or do they?
Single mum Goh Chew Teng, 30 and her four children plus her elderly mother certainly do! The shack looks about ready to fall apart, the roof is held up by zinc pieces and cardboard slabs

while her bathroom is… doorless and walless! The electricity and water is ‘tapped’ from a neighbour’s house for which they have to pay RM30 a month just for utilities alone!

They have been living in this rented shack in Klang ever since her husband died in September 27th 2007 of liver and kidney failure. The children, three boys (aged 10, 7 and 6 years) and a daughter age 4 make it impossible for Madam Goh to seek employment outside the home because having lost their father, they fear now not seeing her around with the youngest son, a premature child, clinging to her the most. This is made it really tough for Madam Goh and having to care for her elderly mother makes it even harder because the children don’t want to be in the care of the old lady and she is too old to go out to work.

Jumble Station learnt about Madam Goh’s plight from some concerned church members in Klang and we have since been able to bless this family with clothes, toys and cash to meet their most immediate needs. Today, she and the kids were driven to JS by Julie another single mum from Klang so that she could pick the items she needed for her family.

At JS, Madam Goh was presented with a hamper donated earlier by JS supporter Wendy who had persuaded her boss to donate the CNY hampers he received this year to single mums. Julie Tan was on hand to give the hamper to Madam Goh on behalf of Wendy & her boss. JS was also able to give the Goh family some angpows and a cash donation to make CNY a really special one for this very needy family. The kids were delighted to get bikes, bags and toys to keep them occupied while mum tries to do her household chores.
JS is now trying to get a cupboard or two to them so their clothes can be kept in there instead of being piled onto a mattress and other things that they may still need. It would help too if we can get them a better accomodation or improve their existing living conditions while attempting to get some at-home work for the mother, failing which JS has suggested that items can be sent over to her house and she can take these stuff to sell to her neighbours or at the nearest marketplace. We’ll keep you posted on what transpires….

Saturday, February 2, 2008

When tragedy hits so close to Jumble Station

Almost a week ago, last Saturday to be exact, Jerry Rambayan, a Sabahan who lives at Angsana Flats where Jumble Station is located, went fishing at a disused development project at USJ1 just next to the Giant/Mydin hypermarts and drowned there. Like many folks in Subang I was wondering which unfortunate guy lost his life doing the one thing he loved most – fishing - and why he had to go underwater to shoot the fish rather than fish from dry land – more fish when you shoot apparently!

Then I learnt from another very regular customer Mellini that Jerry’s wife has now become an instant Single Mum with no job, no income and four young children to care for. So far, she has had many people stepping in to assist her with donations from RM900 collected from Giant’s staff to Datuk Lee Hwa Beng the Adun of Subang who chipped in to buy return tickets for the whole family to fly the body back to Sabah for the funeral.

When she comes back and when all the well wishers are gone, JS plans to have Mrs Jerry partner with Babu a single father of 9 children from Desa Mentari (Sunway) to manage a mini recycling hub so that she will have access to her children and her home while building up a little enterprise of their own.
This mini recycling hub will be complementary to JS in that all items that cannot be salvaged, repaired or used will be collected, sorted out and stored until a recycle agent comes by maybe once a month or twice a month to buy the stuff off their hands. One housewife Mala who wants to earn extra income, will be there to assist the two single parents in the sorting, cleaning and storing of all recycled stuff so that the Mrs Jerry and Babu can be there for their kids in their respective flats in the event of an emergency.

A shop lot just two doors away from JS has been successfully leased to us for RM650 a month which is the absolutely lowest for rentals in that area to date. Like JS itself, we’re embarking on this new direction on nothing more than a wing and a prayer believing that when you prepare for something it will come – starting with a trickle and ending in a flood.

A small portion of the shop will be set aside for JS repairs and service of electrical items where all repairs will be carried by Encik Azahar who happens to double as our volunteer driver for the last couple of weekends. Azahar is a whiz with electronics and has always dreamed of establishing his very own service and repairs shop together with his brother-in-law Feizal who is currently studying electrical engineering. His take home pay is about RM700 and he has two daughters to feed plus finance his brother-in-law's studies so he needs the extra cash!
With the existence of JS mini recycle hub and JS repairs and services, we’re making sure that damaged items are repaired first failing which they end up in the recycling hub for sale to scrap dealers. It also means that JS can now accept any and all things whenever Azaharand I go to the various homes to collect bulky items. A list on what is wanted for the JS recycling hub will be added to this blog soon so watch this space!