Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sampling the sumptuousness of the Summit Hotel

Hotels are nothing new to most of us adults, after all we’ve visited many and stayed in a number of them too but for the marginalised groups, meaning the poorer folks, hotels remain a mystery.

Summit Hotel at Subang Jaya realised this possibility and chose to open its doors to some children of poor single parents and the under privileged groups recently to celebrate the Festival of Lights better known as Deepavali. Two organisations, Rumah Kids and Parents Without Partners (PWP) Bhd were invited to have their youngsters come over for a afternoon outing and high tea.

PWP responded by sending over 10 year old Karthik, sisters Fa’in and Fazlin, 10 and 9 years old respectively, Teo Hui Min, 7 and her mother Yeong Fong Pheng who is a deaf mute while Rumah Kids sent around 10 teenagers.

First thing that got PWP kids really excited was the plunge into the swimming pool which was kept exclusively open for their use. Group General Manager of Summit Hotels and Resorts Mr Lam Hin Choon himself personally welcomed the youngsters to the hotel and took time to take photos with the kids at the hotel’s pool side.
After much splashings and friendly dunkings, the youngsters clamoured to have a look at one of the hotel rooms because almost all of PWP’s kids hade never seen a hotel room before.

Karthik when asked which part of the room he liked best said he loved the bathroom because it had a “kolam” i.e. a bath tub which meant he could soak in and swim for as long as he wanted if ever he got to stay in the hotel room. The younger kids were more fascinated by the bedside controls for the TV set which happened to feature a cartoon show such that the kids were reluctant to have the TV switched off.

The beautifully laid out buffet meal which comprised the high tea for the kids were an awesome treat for them and many didn’t know exactly where to start in terms of piling up their plates but eventually they settled for a plateful of their choice food and going again for other choices. Dessert was another dilemmas they pondered over the cakes, fruits or ice-cream choices but all food went out of their minds when a magician magically turned up with many tricks up his sleeve.

All of PWP kids were mesmerised and astounded with the ease with which the magician made his cards appear and disappear, the drinks vanish without a trace or the fork to bend with seemingly effortless ease. One kid who aimed to be a pilot immediately announced he’s rather be a magician but was persuaded that he should pursue his pilot dream and master magic as a hobby! The special day was topped off by a group photo for memory's sake and Mr Lam’s generosity in giving Deepavali ang pow packets to each child just prior to waving the happy and contented kids off for home in the hotel’s very own van. You can bet PWP kids will be more than happy to trek back to the Summit Hotel should the staff send another invitation!