Monday, January 4, 2016

A joyous Back-to-School party to say goodbye to 2015

Christmas is the season to bless others and at Jumble Station we believe in bringing joy to the hearts of poor single parents in the best and most practical way possible. We gifted them with shopping vouchers worth RM150 for each school-going child so that the child can have a new uniform, new pair of shoes and possibly even a school bag is there’s enough money left over.

This year, the back to school party was held on December 5, within the premises and the surrounding area of the Reading Station located just next door to Jumble Station’s second hand shop at Angsana Flats, Subang Mewah, USJ1. The heavy rains almost derailed the event but thankfully the skies cleared by 4pm as a total of 118 single parents and their kids showed up for the occasion.

Kicking off the fun mood for the party was emcee Adrian Ong and the 8 youngsters he trained, who danced a lively number to the tune of a Malay song  followed immediately by a speech from PWP co-founder Sanice Kam who also officially launched the start of the spanking new Reading Station. 

Social co-ordinator Jayapratha shared about the vision and mission of Reading Station, to encourage the love of the English language and spark the love of reading among the poor kids in Angsana Flats.
The Christmas spirit was then infused in the crowd with the lively and joyful rendition of familiar Christmas carols by Dunamis Cellgroup while balloonist Elsie Phang surprised both adults and kids alike with her adroit skill at turning an ordinary balloon into cute little shapes. While each child was presented with a Giant shopping voucher of RM150, each parent was presented with a shopping voucher of RM100 together with a goodie bag of toiletries, cookies and stationery and to round off the evening, each parent and child were given a KFC finger-licking good treat.

For the poor single parents who have never had a chance to attend our back to school party until this year, it was an eye-opening and fabulous event.  New single mum Shamala with 3 school going children was so thankful she said ‘thank you’ several times to PWP. Her joy was palpable in her eyes, her appreciation for the shopping vouchers each of her child received which would help her as she shopped for items for the new school term was evident from her tear filled eyes.

Haliza, another single parent with one school going child, was ecstatic upon receiving the voucher and later sent a sms stating “ thank you very much for everything. I really appreciate it.” Old timers like single mum Annie, who rushed from her hawker stall despite being drenched in the heavy rain as well as single father Tan Chee Boon was just as delighted to continue to receive a helping hand with the shopping vouchers this time around as well.

Their obvious delight would not have been possible if not for the many individuals who came forward to donate the cash needed to purchase the shopping vouchers and to these folks who stepped up to the plate despite the poor if not challenging business environment , we from Parents Without Partners and Jumble Station say a very very sincere “Terima Kasih!”