Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good workers needed

Running a charity shop is never easy. Workers are an integral part of any charity organization. Volunteers are fine but volunteers come and go at their own time and their own flexibility. Workers on the other hand are the bedrock of the success of any endeavor but good workers are truly hard to find. In the case of a charity shop, workers with zeal, dedication, passion and integrity are like true diamonds so so hard to find.
The fact that a charity shop does not have the luxury of paying top dollar for great and passionate workers make it doubly hard to find such human gems. Jumble Station and Parents Without Partners biggest headache is finding and keeping good workers and with the long hours involved in working in the shops from 10am-10pm daily the challenge is grueling indeed. Honesty is another trait that is vitally crucial in this charitable endeavor because one is dealing in cold hard cash on a daily basis and cash to a worker from an underprivileged background is temptation indeed. The other requirement of reliability is another much sought after characteristic much admired yet extremely hard to find in most workers of today. Nevertheless, there must be a gem of a worker or two out there somewhere willing to assist PWP to man its store at Jaya1 (The School) in shifts (10am-4pm and 4pm-9.30pm) daily. So if you know of anyone – a retired or newbie worker – do get them to call Mary Anne Tan -0162202958 immediately. You will earn our eternal gratitude if you can help us to unearth such worker gems to help our single parents cause. Thank you.