Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eggstra-ordinary donation from Nestle Malaysia

Jumble Station received an eggstra-ordinary donation of cartons of eggs from our friendly monthly food supplier Nestle Malaysia. It seems that Nestle staff has for some years now, been encouraged to donate cartons of eggs for the underprivileged in society and this time around, some of the eggs were handed over to orphans and elderly folks.

This time too, Jumble Station was also “gifted” with several cartons of the fresh eggs for the benefit of our single parents in need and these eggstra eggstra special gifts from Nestle were indeed a welcoming addition to the already kind and generous monthly donations of milo, Nescafe coffee, Maggi instant noodles and Nespray milk our really poor single parents have enjoyed from Nestle every month for the last two years.

When asked if the eggs would be useful to their family food intake, all the single parents who collected the eggs at Jumble Station without hesitation said a loud “yes!” and the contentment on their faces says it all – after all, in these times of rising food prices, who would not be happy to receive eggs especially when eggs form a major role in the continued health of the children and the single parents concerned.

So to Nestle Malaysia staff and management, an “Eggstra Big Thank You” for your eggceptionally wonderful act of kindness to our community of poor single parents and their ever hungry-for-eggs kids!