Saturday, February 27, 2010

Healthy start to the Year of the Tigerrrr!

Chap Goh Mei celebrations are over and we at Jumble Station decided to start the Year of the Tiger in a grrraphically different way – we opted to go more healthily forward. Today’s incident of a 21 year old asthmatic girl lying comatose in hospital drives home the message that one should never take one’s life or health for granted.

Combined this fear and the fact that single parents must find ways to make additional money to make ends meet at least without them having to leave their kids at home alone while they juggle their many responsibilities. After much cudgelling of the minds, we decided to try taking the multi-level marketing route to assist the single parents in earning what may someday be a passive income.

But which to pick – Herbal Life? Amway??…The list is endless but all of them appears to have products that are priced on the higher end and have been around for so long there is networking inertia and over-saturation. Then we came across one that is ideally suited for our target customer base – the middle to lower class buyers – where the affordability factor is an attractive carrot and the wide range of cutting edged, nanotechnological advanced health supplements is readily available.

The company – Frontier International - headed by Dr SJ Jong has been around since 2004 yet is a relatively rare and quite a find indeed. The company is now targeting the bumiputera market and the founders of JS felt that we could collaborate to achieve two aims – help single parents be more entrepreneurial and to increase their potential to make additional money.

Calling ourselves Frontierfrenzz, we now have single parents to start a ‘family tree’ with them at the top and all others below them as their downlines. Now when the down lines start buying their nutritional supplements from Frontier International, their uplines the single parent, will be able to enjoy the bonus which will be accumulated and translated into cash or a cash voucher for future purchases.

Frontierfrenzz is spearheaded by single mum June Chan a mother of two and yours truly, the co-founder of Parents Without Partners/Jumble Station which is an NGO that focused on assisting single parents in need. Single parents who are participating in this family tree include Adrian Ong, single father and van driver, single mums Sue, Doris, Julie Tan and Panjalai’s kids Kumanan and his sister Sujatha. We hope to recruit and train more so that they too can catch the vision of building their own little business in health and nutrition while helping others to stay healthy.

Since registration to be a distributor for Frontier is still free, it makes sense for the single parents to try and recruit as many new members who are willing to fork out sums to ensure a longer, safer life ahead. The icing on the cake will be if these single parents earn enough someday to go for incentive holidays both regionally and internationally and even perhaps win themselves a car or who knows, even a house!

Is this achievable, for sure especially since the products from Frontier International’s stable are already proven successes despite being low keyed, they are also a varied and ever expanding range that covers every conceivable health issue or woe. Some like Adrian are gung ho about accepting this new challenge others like Sue, Doris and Panajalai’s kids are still trying to feel their footing in the network marketing arena. The going will get a little easier if the targeted customers are willing to abandon buying from their usual outlets and ordering instead from our single parents/ This way, they help to take care of the growing financial needs of poor single parents while taking care of their own health in the most affordable manner. If you don’t have much money to give to the needy, this is the smarter way to do assist those in need hence our slogan “enrich single parents while enriching yourself.”

Of course active promotion is necessary. We were given our first chance to jointly promote JS and Frontierfrenzz during the MPSJ Chinese new year gathering hosted by Subang Adun YB Hannah Yeoh recently.

Another vitamin manufacturer Hovid has also given us some vitamin supplements that single parents can sell outright and pocket the difference. This route is another practical way of helping single parents willing to conduct promotions at the various outdoor mall while determinedly building up their own Frontier Family Tree to great success! We can only give this our best shot and isn't this far better than doing nothing and still expecting welfare?

For those who want to know more about Frontier International check out or our blog or want to work collaboratively with us as a team call/SMS Mary Anne Tan 0162202958 or email us at today!.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nestle chips in to help single parents

For many of us who grew up poor, to be able to drink at least one cup of Milo then was ‘luxury’ indeed. Today, Milo is no longer a luxury but at times, about the only thing that poor children can have to fill their hungry bellies. Which is why when Parents Without Partners & Jumble Station sends groceries to the poorer Single Parents, we always include a tin or a packet of Milo along with other basic necessities such as Maggie mee, milk powder, cooking oil and beras.

More recently, PWP wrote in to Nestle, the giant manufacturer of such popular food staples asking to be included in its food for charity programme so that our food bill cost would be reduced while still being able to feed the needs out there.
Nestle very kindly and helpfully agreed to our request and late in January we were invited up to Nestle office at Damansara to collect our 10 goodie bags of Nestle products, comprising Maggie mee noodles, Nespray milk powder, Milo and Nestum. The goodie bags were promptly given out to needy single parents at Angsana Flats, USJ1 including single mums Panjalai, Suhaibah, Irene Thung, Mariammah, Mila, Siti Arfah, Venie, Letchmy and single fathers Adrian and Hasrun.

These 10 recipients will be the first of many more from Desa Mentari, Lembah Subang, Shah Alam and other areas in the Klang Valley who will be receiving Nestle’s largesse to make live a little easier for them. Kudos to Nestle for responding to such needs and it is hoped that more corporate organisations will step up to assist likewise even as they learn to balance their need to meet the bottom line while making a difference to society.