Saturday, January 25, 2014

What’s 2014 like for poor single parents?

We’re reaching the end of January. It’s only been the first month of 2014 yet the prognosis is that it has not been good for poor single parents. Imagine, they have been courageously battling against odds to raise their kids on very little money and even less help from their families or outside help, all these while.

For the last 7 years, Jumble Station has done its best to help alleviate their worries and their financial woes but the recent rise in the cost of food items, basic stuff and even school needs are putting an even more heavy burden on their current load.

If it is extremely tough for a two parent family to provide for their families in these trying times, imagine the pain and agony poor single parents have to undergo with the coming months painting an even more bleak future for them. What can  JS do to assist these long suffering single parents – we can only try to raise our assistance to them a notch higher and further empower them to seek to increase their income source in more creative ways.

We will do that by collaborating with different groups and organisations that can partner JS in making a positive difference in the lives of single parents in dire need. We can do that if those who can afford, those who have the creative input and the willingness to share their skills and their time, to work  alongside us to bring about an impactful change to this much forgotten group – the poor single parents!