Thursday, April 6, 2017

Reading Station children were invited to a birthday celebration in Kids E World, Da’Men Mall.

Parents to a 4 year old girl wished to bless the children of Reading Station (RS) with fun activities, delicious food and special gifts donated by parents of Rainbow Montessori. Children from RS were excited as they were waiting for their transportation to the location.

Upon arrival everyone gathered to the venue for registration. After which they joined the fun activities at E Kids World, a mini indoor playground with slides, bridge tunnels and pool of coloured plastic balls. To enter the playground children or adults are required to wear socks. Some of them had them on, but some none, in order not to disappoint anyone; the couple host took the effort and trouble to buy the socks for the children who were not wearing them. The expression of thankful and happiness after receiving, were so evident in their eyes and smiles of these children.

After the play time, everyone gathered to re-energies, with scrumptious food such as spaghetti, sausages, potato wedges, fried bee hoon, fried chicken, nuggets, ribena drinks and others. Some children even had 3 servings of the variety of food because they were hungry and it was delicious. Yum...

Next agenda was, the cake cutting session and receiving gifts.
All the children, including the birthday girl’s friends, joined to sing birthday song and cutting the cake. Soon after, children from RS gave a big shout of thank you to everyone who donated the special gifts, on stage. Each child was given a bag of stationery including; colour pencils, crayons, paint, brushes, sticker and many more.

Time flew so fast, that the children from Reading Station didn’t want to leave the venue. But with thankful hearts and hands filled with bags of goodies and food, they were very happy and blessed. They just can’t wait to get back home to share the joy of receiving, with their family.