Sunday, May 1, 2011

Her World stumbles on our JS world!

Her World, the fashion magazine for English speaking fashionistas in Malaysia came across Jumble Station recently and decided to do a write up. Jumble Station was called upon recently to collect donated items from one of its contributing writers Tania and while loading the stuff onto the lorry, the story of how we came about spilled out

What piqued Tania’s interest was the fact that JS was started by three very ordinary women, Malaysian women at that, doing very ordinary things for a much forgotten group – the single parents.

Realising that this story of impacting broken lives with newly donated items was something that should not be kept under wraps she promptly got the three of us together and got us to tell what prompted us to start Jumble Station and Parents Without Partners, the NGO organisation for single parents in need.

For those who have problems being interviewed, let me assure you, the interview part was the easy peasy part of the whole thing, the photography aspect turned out to be the real killer. First off, we tried sending our very own pix, newly snapped ones too – of us in different poses, casual, bold, daring, funny but no dice, they failed the cut!

So the editor sent along a photo editor, a photographer and a make-up artist! Yep, a makeup artist of all things and for someone who has never ever put any makeup on the face (except for when I had some slapped on at age 7 and thereby disliked makeup becos it made me look hideously unlike me and tasted horrid to boot! ) it was a traumatic prospect indeed!

Still one has to sacrifice for the sake of charity and hence yours truly went through it like a real trooper, preferring not to look in the mirror in the process until after the entire shooting is declared officially over When I finally dared to look I discovered that horrors! I look just like my mum! Cotton wool and facial lotion soon changed all that thankfully! So anyway, our JS article should be coming out in the June issue of Her World so hopefully it will be all worth it after all!