Monday, August 25, 2008

When high price meets low price

UDM Owners who are the proud owners of high priced vehicles BMW dropped by Jumble Station last Saturday to share some of their ‘cool comfort’ stuff with Jumble Station and took along about 5 Single Parents and their kids for the ride of their lives.

A total of 10 BMW cars replete with Malaysian flags made up the convoy for the UDM Owners Merdeka Charity Drive and were flagged off by Subang Jaya ADUN Hannah Yeoh. The VVIP passengers comprised Rosnah and her four children, Babu and his 7 boys, Julie Tan and her three kids, Lisa and her 5 month old daughter as well as Olga a Filipino single mum as well as three of single mum Nani’s children.

The convoy took off at 9.30am and wound its way from Jumble Station to the Sunway Lagoon Resort where the BMWs were given a special right to park at the Orange Atrium entrance. From then on, the focus was on making the day special for the Single Parents and their kids.

They were treated to a movie “Meet Dave” where laughter greeted Eddie Murphy’s latest antics and fast talk after which lunch was at Michaelangelo’s Italian Kitchen and a little bit of shopping around the Sunway Pyramid 2 shopping mall before heading back to Jumble Station at 4pm. The day was topped off with each child being given a goodie bag full of tidbits and stationary items, among others.

The overall response from the kids and parents say it all.

Babu: “Ini Italian makan banyak sedap. Baik kita dapat makan sini. Tak pernah makan macam ini. Kalau saya kena bayar, lebih RM100 mana sanggup?

Rosnah: “My children have not gone to see a show for ages. We cannot afford it cos it is cheaper to buy a VCD or DVD but they love the car ride, the movie and the food!”

Lisa “My little slept all the way in the BMW, she knows what comfort is and she was so good too during the movie!

Nani: My children really enjoyed themselves, thank you so much for arranging this event.”

Julie Tan: “My kids are really happy today and even though they had to wait around, they told me the wait was really worth it! Thanks JS and UDMOnwers for this special day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jumble Station is 1 this month!

Imagine that! Jumble Station is 1 come August 28 this year and we've got a great Birthday present to celebrate this historic milestone - a van! That's right, for a whole year we've been desperately trying to get a van. Numerous letters were written, appeals made during presentations, hints proffered and direct requests made to politicians to no avail.

Of course some have promised to give the cash, some offered to help us get it via their connections some even said they'd find a van and buy it for us - nadda. Then last Sunday when I was on my way to church I decided to turn to the one person I had forgotten to ask - God - telling him I was fed up of trying to get one and that it was his turn to take on the task.

Miracle of miracles, after the church service I was given a letter and in it was a cheque from an anonymous donor for RM40,000 towards the purchase of a van and a pat on the back from DUMC Senior Pastor to keep the JS flag flying. So who says miracles don't happen and fast too!

So now with the RM9,999 given by The Legend Hotel last Christmas, we now have RM50,000 to buy a van to help ferry Single Parents around for events and to collect donated items from well wishers... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUMBLE STATION - what a great and fascinating year it has been for all of us and now as we embark on year two let's wish for greater things to brighten the lives of Single Parents... cheers Antz

Monday, August 4, 2008

In the grand-daddy of flea-markets – Amcorp Mall

Amcorp Mall is reknowned in Malaysia as being the oldest, the grand-daddy so to speak of flea market locations. It is the place if you’re looking to buy second hand goods and antiques. Go there any weekend and you’ll see hordes of flea market traders and second hand buyers roaming the various floors looking for great buys.

Last Friday, Jumble Station was given the opportunity to participate in a Charity Sale organized Amcorp Mall to coincide with Deaf Art Exhibition opened by the Deputy Minister of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage, Teng Boon Soon. Our first foray there proved to be an interesting experience. For one we got to know and became friends with quite a few other fellow charity centric organizations like Bless Shop belonging to SIB, WAO for abused women, a Buddhist disabled group, Malaysian Hope and one other welfare home for orphans. Oh yeah, there was also a Left Handers table there which was a great find for an avowed lefty!

Although the design of the floor layout could have been improved to enable a better flow of the human traffic in and out of the ground floor itself, the response of the buyers and shoppers at Amcorp was gratifying. They clearly appreciated the many and varied collectible items that we had on display and bought many an item with very little bargaining, because the pricing was extremely reasonable. In terms of sharing about JS and its aspirations too, the response was extremely warm and many were delighted to know that there is now a place like Jumble Station that is willing to take all their unwanted stuff. During the dull moments, some of us enlivened the time with golden oldies, warbling away to the amusement of the others. Point is, we showed others how passionate and lively JS folks can be when serving the needy!

Overall, the experience was an exhilarating and a pleasing one, so we at JS certainly look forward to our 1st weekend of every month participation in the Amcorp Mall charity floor (top floor) do since this will enable us to reach out to more people and more people including single parents in need who can now reach us directly is they so require. What we sorely need now are more volunteers for these mall promotion events to lessen the burden on our already hard stretched workers Adrian, Sue and steadfast volunteer Joyce Leong… any other more willing souls out there????