Thursday, May 8, 2014

Monash Students try selling at Amcorp Mall

Four Monash medical students, Mark, Sam, Pei Li and Francine were around during the weekend to help out PWP with its flea market activities at Amcorp Mall. They were able to see first hand how PWP is able to raise funds through the sale of interesting items to help fund its activities with regards to assisting single parents in dire need.
The eager quartet were also able to personally interview three single parents who had been assisted by PWP towards a better life – single dad Adrian Ong and his vintage dress collection, Jennifer and her son who now jointly sell household items for extra income to pare down their liabilities and Zuraidah and her three kids who are still trying to find ways to supplement her meager income while caring for her very cute kids.
The flea market involvement is part of Monash University’s on-going push to get medical students to be involved in community works so that they will be able to understand the social determinants of community health and its related matters. For PWP’s part, we’re more than happy to have additional hands, young and active ones too, to brainstorm on ways to make life a lot easier, if not more healthy and happier for single parents within the Klang Valley region.