Sunday, December 21, 2014

Back To School 2014 - A roaring success!!!

c This year's Back2School party was a huge huge success. It was a lovely time for the parents to mingle, share and catch up on their kids growth while they on their part were so so grateful to receive the RM150 per shopping voucher cards per child that will allow them to buy new school uniforms, school shoes and a bag at least. Many single parents were so touched that caring individuals would chip n to help them at this most difficult of times and they had tears in their eyes, grateful thanks and happy hearts when they walked out of the Angsana Hall in Subang Mewah yesterday with their bountiful gifts. A brief speech was given wherein Mary Anne as the co-founder urged the single parents to work towards making a home for their kids, teach them to rise above their straitened circumstances and be a shining example to their little ones. The pictures taken are shining examples of how the generosity of compassionate strangers can bring about joy in the lives of many struggling single parents and for that, we truly say "Thank You & God Bless You all".