Thursday, September 3, 2009

Recyclists gather!

Jumble Station was one of the newest kiddo in the green, eco movement when it took part in the No Plastic Bag Bazaar held at Noble House at Jalan Bukit Bintang last weekend. The Recyclist movement is one very vibrant group indeed as seen first hand with so many young professionals connected mostly via face-book, making a beeline for the restaurant turned marketplace and where pre-loved items were the signature dishes on offer rather than food itself.

We were given a cosy little corner right at the entrance so that those entering and departing could hardly miss us. This being our first time participating in the No Plastic Bag Bazaar, although for many of the vendors there it was their 2nd time, we had no real idea what to bring to whet the appetites of the potential buyers.

So accordingly we dragged along our regular collectibles from music CDs, to stuffed toys, knick knacks and a boxful of dated costume jewellery. Well the eco-supporters that thronged the bazaar were drawn more to the costume jewellery and the stuffed toys with a sprinkling of others gunning for the more interesting collectibles. The furry friends farm folks loved our collection of furry friends and bought em off us to decorate their table and must say it certainly brightened up the otherwise stark table indeed.

Other vendors who brought along clothes by the bagfuls had an equally busy time as vintage wear mostly ruled the roost this time around but of course there were those who went for more eclectic designs and wearables.

In between we were royally entertained by various local celebrities and fund raising became more fun with the auctioning off of clothes and gear by the likes of Hannah Lo, Xandria Ooi and Amber Chia. Oh yeah Adrian single father and JS helper grabbed the opportunity to have an autograph from Amber Chia and have a shot of him standing next to her, not once but twice! Seems the first time she had her lovely eyes hidden behind sunglasses! Overall it was a great time and we’d love to participate in more enviro/eco friendly events like these. Kudos to Janet Lee and gang for organising this very interesting event.