Monday, December 31, 2007

Newsflash: We're in the news

Oh wow... this is viral marketing at its best indeed! Today, while I was busy with van driver Azahar collecting stuff for Jumble Station some people dropped by to donate stuff and one of JS' regular customer Wani happened to ask the two women how they knew about JS.. they replied that they had heard it on the radio...

Radio??? Turns out, HitzFM and Era have been promoting JS and we're really touched that there are people out there who feel JS is a great initiative that deserves air time and editorial coverage. A quick browse on the Internet showed that we've been featured in two radio stations, two blogs and one newspaper, the NST. To all these media champions a very big and heartfelt thank you because you're really helping the single parents, the ones who rarely fall within the radar of charity and the silent sufferers indeed. To those who brought JS existence to these radio stations, hugs and smiles for your effort and initiative.

Funnily, as a news media person myself (been in the media as photo-journalist for last 25 years) I knew that JS would make a great newsy story - why? Well for one its one of the newest community outreach project around (began on August 28th 2007) and not written about as yet, it highlights a way for people to recycle their unwanted stuff (go-green, eco environment), it is touching lives and meeting needs (focused on single parents) in a real way, it helps people to give in kind rather than cash which makes it easier on the pockets for most folks and it gives companies an opportunity to partner with JS (be a supplier of used goods once every six months) in a more meaningful way as part of their 2008 CSR efforts.

Guess what though? During the launch of Legend Hotel's Christmas Charity drive, the Star reporter and the RTM reporter pointedly ignored the Single Mothers angle (and JS) preferring to focus instead on the Kiwanis and their adoption of the El-Shaddai kiddies home, which has been around for the last 11 years!

And get this, the RTM reporter actually told me that when she wants to feature Single Mothers, only then will she call Lian See for an interview. As a veteran journo, I call this lack of news sense "as having a poor nose for news" but ah well, its their loss! Only the NST and Berita Harian seems to have sniffed out this newsy piece and I'm still waiting to see if my old media 'mater' (was in Star for 10 years) will feature JS despite us giving the reporter a CD with info and details about JS..todate, nary a word!

Now why you may ask have I not used my 'jalan with the media' to get more publicity for JS, (after all, my godson's dad is now the number 3 most important person in the Star) well for one thing, I don't believe in muscling in on my media connections, I strongly believe that eventually some smart journo will find us and do the necessary but until then, I'd settle for viral marketing (word of mouth promotion) cos that's more powerful and impactful. JS is not opting for media attention not at all, all we want is - think of Jumble Station like you would Salvation Army, if you have items you want to dispose of, that's all. In the meantime, this little train will chug along happily, meeting Single Parents real needs where they count most, today not tomorrow!

Meanwhile, here's what others have spouted about JS:


December 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

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S'Gor - Jumble Station for Single mothers

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1-Dec-2007 - 31-Jan-2008
Days of Week:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Target Audience:
General Audience
F1-01-05, Angsana Flats
Contact Person:
Mary Ann/ Lian See
Phone no:
016 - 220 2958/ 012 - 387 1757

Event Details/Other Comments
If you have any second hand goods to give away, please do so by donating to the jumble station for single mothers
In the spirit of Dove
By : Su Aziz
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Give them something to sing about! Donate through the Legend Hotel’s charity project.

The needy among us need our love and giving — be it cash or in kind — is one way to show it. SU AZIZ learns of one charity project where benefactors are "doves" on a hotel's Christmas tree.
Brother Ivan Kennedy runs the shelter for the poor.
THIS Christmas, “doves” are flying about a Christmas tree in the lobby of The Legend Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. They’re not really birds of course but part of the hotel’s “Dove Spirit of Christmas Charity Project” where each dove carries the name of a benefactor of two charities — the El Shaddai Community Society of Kuala Lumpur, supported by the Kiwanis Club of Taman Desa, and a single mother’s support network named Shelter.El Shaddai was started 11 years ago by Brother Ivan Kennedy, The society also runs the San Pedro Shelter for the Poorest of the Poor Kids that houses 20 children between the ages of three and 17.It also feeds around 200 children and single mothers with a soup kitchen in Sentul Mission Chapel.
“To run the soup kitchen, orphanage, old folks home and support Orang Asli families, we need around RM6,000 per month. The donations from the hotel’s project will go towards food purchases,” explained Kennedy.“We need a water filter, and school items for the children such as uniforms, shoes and writing materials. We need volunteers too: those willing to give tuition for English and Bahasa Malaysia.” What do the children wish most for this Christmas? “For people to come by and spend time with them!” said Kennedy. The San Pedro Shelter is at 129-1, off Jalan Klang Lama in Kuala Lumpur. Call Kennedy at 016-227-5255 if you want to help. Shelter, the single mother’s support network, is a 20-year-old welfare organisation 150 women registered with it. It needs RM15,000 to buy a second-hand van to ferry volunteers around Kuala Lumpur to pick up usable old items to sell in its Jumble Station store at USJ1 in Angsana Flats, Subang Mewah. Despite Jumble Station, most of the women are still hard pressed in finding employment. Volunteers who can teach them skills are sorely needed.You can donate useful, used items to Jumble Station by calling 03-7781-4885 or 03-7955-0663. When RM50 goes a long wayIN the spirit of giving, be part of The Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s “Dove Spirit of Christmas Charity Project” and donate a minimum of RM50 (as individuals) or RM300 (as corporations) until Dec 27. There are three ways to do this. You can stop by the hotel in Jalan Putra. You can e-mail for more details, or you can call 03-4042-9888. The tax-deductible donations can be made in cash, cheque or credit card.

Mellissa’s blog: The Novel of My Life

On Tuesday, I woke up a lil late and started sorting out my closet. I packed all the clothes I could no longer wear...sob sob I'm so fat now that I had to give away all my pretty party dresses. Later, I kidnapped Dear from college, went for lunch and then off to USJ to give away my clothes to Jumble Station.
Ok here's a little promotion of Jumble Station...
Jumble Station is a second hand shop which collects anything and everything is repairable or in usable condition. They sell the stuffs at a cheap price and 50% of their sales goes to helping single mothers who are in dire need or financial aid. They dun only accept clothes, they accept furniture, books, bags and pretty much anything. They even have a van to help those who wants to give away big stuffs. The stuffs they really need right now are ELECTICAL APPLIANCES.
So if you feel like giving, drop off your stuffs at :
Jumble Station, F1-01-10 Angsana Mewah, USJ1
I dun want to give out tel. numbers here. So if you guys need more details, just contact me la.

Era Rentak Music Terkini
December 2007

Isnin, 31 Dis 2007

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S'Gor: Jumble Station

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1-Dec-2007 - 31-Jan-2008
Hari di dalam minggu:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Penonton sasaran:
General Audience
Angsana Flats - S'Gor
Individu untuk dihubungi:
Mary Ann/ Lian See
Nombor telefon:
016 - 220 2958/ 012 - 387 1757
Alamat e-mel:
Laman web:
Laman web:

Maklumat - maklumat tentang Acara / Komen-komen lain:
Jika anda mempunyai barang-barang terpakai yang ingin didermakan, bolehlah menghantarnya ke 'Jumble Station for Single Mothers' bagi membantu ibu-ibu tunggal.

Janet Lee - Soul Doctor
Friday, November 16, 2007
Summary of October & November so far...
Who's doing year end spring cleaning? Don't have to feel bad about throwing them out if you can do it with heart, send them to Jumble Station, a good home for your unwanted goods and for a good cause, read here.

Jumble Sation - spanking new second hand shop in town!
located at - F1-01-05 Angsana Flat,Subang Mewah, USJ1What is it all about?Pay It Forward Want to lend a helping hand to single mothers in financial difficulties? There is a group of ladies from Shelterhome who is running a second hand shop called Jumble Station in USJ Subang. The proceeds from the sales goes to support single moms. How can you help? by donating goods to Jumble Station! Some of the hot items they're looking for includes baby and children clothings, toys (esp cars, trains etc for boys), electrical items (TV, radio, blender etc).
Transportation can be arranged to pick up the items within Klang Valley.Telephone contacts:Mary Anne Tan – 0162202958Nancy Lim Lian See – 0162732000Sanic Yap - 0123871757Opening hours are:Monday to Saturday : 10am – 9.30pmSunday : 3pm-9.30pm

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Ho Ho Hooray Party for JS

JS first party was a runaway success and all glory must go to God because he’s blessed us with a great turnout and it was balmy weather all the way. Some 90 people turned up for the event which was held both inside the shop premises and just outside at the car park itself.

From early on, we had customers who willingly volunteered to help us with the preparations, from the clearing of clothes and books etc to the hanging up of the lights and balloons. What’s even funnier was the fact that some customers took it on themselves to dress in red and white and told others that that was the party’s dress colour code – a few actually came in those colours – and to support the impromptu festive spirit, I too wore red, white and black as well!

Some CG members and extended CG family (Cheng Kang and How Far from Kota Kemuning) lent their vocal support to our Christmas caroling followed by Pastor Joseph from Sharon, a customer’s church.
The event was made more special by the presence of our staunch JS supporters and donors Corrine, Robbink and his gang of merry men and women while Lian See managed to rope in a couple of Single Mothers to make the guest list complete.

The food, beehoon, rainbow rice, fruits, tidbits, cakes and syrup drink was catered by JS customer Fazila who runs a school canteen. The generous donation of RM1,000 from Lillian and Joyce Raymond made it possible for the whole party to take place.
Over all, the fun and joyous gaiety was obvious and adults, kids and single mums all had a roaring good time as the carollers sang the gamut of songs in English and Malay - from Joy to the World to Rasa Sayang and Geylang Si-Paku Geylang. The pictures taken speaks a 1,000 words. To all who helped make this 1st ever JS party a resounding success, God Bless U all!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

Hey, JS has its first White Christmas tree that is! Thanks to JS supporter from Singapore Bin Lee who learnt of our need to decorate the store itself, we’ve been blessed with an all white Christmas tree and adornments in red and blue, making the tree really a standout from all the greenies that’s so common.

Was hoping to have Bin Lee around to help unpack the tree but she wasn’t feeling too well so Dominic, the husband of one of our customer Melini stepped into the breach. Fact is, he was more than eager to help dress up the tree and while we’re not exactly the kind of tree decorators you’d hire in a flash, I must say it was a great team effort indeed and when Bin Lee dropped by a day or two later, she was pleasantly surprised to see how the twinkling lights and shiny decorations did indeed lend a new and refreshing sparkle to JS.

Which was a good thing because customers were already asking when JS would have its own Christmas tree up instead of the miniscule tree that Julie had agreed to lend us and was placed ontop of a display cabinet just so it wouldn’t get accidentally ‘drowned’ by the number of clothes available if it had been left standing so forlornly on the floor.

As it is, Bin Lee’s gift of a tree was really handy and ‘outstanding’ and once we can get the shop tidied up for the December 29th Rasa Sayang Christmas party, the tree’s fully lit impact will be more obvious. Here’s a pix of Bin Lee admiring the penguin snow man that has the words “Jesus Loves you Snow much” really cute decorative toy!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A card for all JS friends

(Single) Mums the word!

Since Jumble Station came under the radar of many people, I’ve had folks asking me, “how do you get to know the single mums who are in need and how do you really know they’re genuine?

Remember, Lian See and I are volunteers with the Shelter Home’s Single Mothers Network so there is already a growing base of single mums registered with Shelter Home but we’re also open to any new names recommended regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Once we get the name, a call will be made and a home visit will be arranged by either Lian See or by the paid volunteer from Shelter Home called Seetha.

During the home visit, information is gathered on the actual situation and the most urgent need is identified after which some food aid (groceries) and or a cash donation, the first of a few, is given to enable the single mum to buy or pay for what ever else is most needed.

Take Victoria, a mother of six children aged 2-14 years old, who is living in a terribly run down shack at Jalan Ipoh. Victoria was recommended by the wife of one of my colleague in The Edge and we were shocked to see the deplorable conditions she and the kids have had to put up with ever since she lost her job some 10 months ago. The shack was more open air than closed, when it rains, it pours right into their sofa set and seeps through every crevice, leaving the place a dank, mouldy environment.

Victoria’s hubby had abandoned the family after going off to work outstation some two years ago. Lian See and Seetha were so moved by the children’s plight, they immediately handed over RM200 so Victoria could buy groceries to cook for the kids instead of waiting for some kind neighbours to send over their leftovers.

That was done for some weeks even as efforts were made by Ping Ngan to rent a place to house Victoria and her children. Ping Ngan search, located one that very close to her La Lavender café and paid the rental deposit so Victoria and the kids could move in as soon as the school holidays began in November. The idea was to have Victoria stay at the house, work at La Lavender and still be close enough to walk home to monitor her children.

At the last minute, Victoria changed her mind and we later learnt that her husband had returned and was now living with his family once again. She is now crossed out of our list officially and the whole family is now in the care of a church. Jumble Station's aim is to help those Single Mums who are willing to get out of the poverty rut they're trapped in, we help them to get on their feet and be more indpendent not give them handouts for life...more on mums coming soon.....antz

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jumble Station's 1st Christmas

Tis’ the season to celebrate the birth of the Christ child and the sharing of God’s love to all mankind.
We at Jumble Station are delighted to invite some of our regular customers, Single Mothers who we’ve helped and Jumble Station’s staunchest supporters cum donors to a Rasa Sayang Christmas party. The aim is to enable all three parties to meet and get to know each other plus we aim to bless some of those who have never had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas before.

Halal food will be provided and gifts will be presented to the children and to Single Mums. The Christmas caroling will be held within the premises of Jumble Station itself so be prepared to sing your heart out. Also due to space constraints, we recommend that you pick only one or two persons to represent your side, thanks so much for your understanding…:

Date: December 29th 2007
Time: from 6.30pm till 8.30pm
Venue: Jumble Station F1-01-05 Angsana Flats, USJ1 Subang Mewah Subang Jaya.

Beep/SMS: Mary Anne 016-2202958

'Why zero in on Single Parents (Single Mums)?

Unlike orphans, the disabled or the terminally ill, Single Mums as an entity generally do not fall on the radar of most people who donate to charity. This is primarily because Single Mums do not live in a special home or a designated location, they live on their own and do their best to bring up their children in whatever way they can.

It is this fragmented scenario that makes the gathering of information and data so tough even for the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry under Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. However, according to The Star’s - Sunday, May 21, 2006 report: An increasing number of women are becoming single mothers and this puts them under a lot of financial and emotional strain, Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said.

Describing the situation as alarming, he said children were also affected. Tan cited National Population and Family Development Board statistics that showed there were 19,800 divorces and 150,000 marriages in 2004. Among the reasons cited for broken marriages were irreconcilable differences, irresponsibility and interference by in-laws.Other reasons included drug-addiction, cheating, refusal of permission to take a second wife, and others that involved money, abuse, crime, gambling and alcohol addiction.

Star Reporter/DUMC member Loh Foon Fong wrote that statistics by the Women, Family and Community Development revealed that there were 126,810 single mothers in the country of whom 58.9 per cent were Malays, 23.4 per cent Chinese, 9.2 per cent Indians, 7.8 per cent non-Malay Bumiputeras and 0.7 per cent other races.
Sadly, most are from the lower income group and some live in poverty. It is a great struggle for lower income single mothers make ends meet as well as provide attention to their children when they have to be away at work most of the day.
The emotional needs of children belonging to single mothers tend to be neglected. It is thus not surprising that they are said to have an inferiority complex, withdrawn, passive and sometimes do not communicate well.
More data culled from the Internet:
E-Homemaker website: Statistics indicate an increased number of women are breadwinners while there is a higher rate of poverty in female-headed households in Malaysia. In 1999, it is estimated that about 895,000 women are breadwinners for their families.
According to the Population Reference Bureau, 18% of households in Malaysia are female-headed households. Due largely to a longer life span, women often assume the position of household heads only upon the death of their husbands. There are also women who have to cope as single parents, either due to divorce or separation, `temporary' absence of the spouse due to employment elsewhere, desertion or polygamy.
The statistics from the National Statistics Index shows that for the year 2000, the number of single mothers in Malaysia is estimated at 11,597.

A study conducted by Tan and Tey (1993) found female-headed households more prevalent amongst older and those who were widowed, divorced, separated or single.
Many of these females are not working or are engaged in marginal occupations and had poor education. Their study showed that households headed by females accounted for 17.7% in 1980 compared to 18.5% in 1991. In terms of age, there is a rise in younger age groups of 20-39 and in older age groups of 60 years and above in 1991 compared to 1980. Another significant observation was that females reported as household heads were also more non-currently married; an increase from 23% in 1980 to 30% in 1991.

These households were mainly Chinese and it was consistent with the rising age of first marriage and increasing proportion remaining single at advanced age. The study showed that 20% of these households were headed by Chinese women compared to 18% Indian and Malay women.
Households headed by females have been found to be among the poorest of the poor and they require special and urgent government attention and assistance (Buviriic 1978).
Such households are more vulnerable to poverty because unpartnered women usually retain the primary responsibility for childcare and home maintenance tasks and in the absence of a male breadwinner, they face the additional challenge of making market-oriented activities compatible with domestic responsibility, have less access to financial resources and land ownership compared with men (Merrick & Schmok, 1983).

In general, female-headed households are more prevalent among older women and among those who are widowed, divorced, separated or single. Yet policies and programs have tended not to consider such household heads as different and that they may require special focus and attention because many of them are likely to live in poverty.
To reiterate, based on the 1991 census, it is clear that female household heads do not work or work in marginalized jobs and have poor levels of education. As most of them are older, divorced, separated or widowed, they need a support system to turn to in times of need.

A common problem faced by single mothers is the problem of financial support. In terms of the ideas outlined by Randy Albelda and Chris Tilly (1996) single mothers in Malaysia face a “triple whammy” (p. 369).
This “triple whammy” refers to the low-paid jobs that single mothers have to bear, the double-shift work they have to do both in the private (unpaid) and public
spheres, and management of all these alone without help from another adult.

In addition, according to Wan Halim (1990), a clinical sociologist in Malaysia , this financial problem is even more severe for single mothers who were unemployed prior to being divorced.
Frequent complaints by the single mothers in Malaysia. is that the long court process, which can take up to more than ten years in many cases, is a form of social injustice for them. This is because the need to formally obtain a divorce, custody of their children, and obtain child support, if delayed, is a serious form of “oppression” (Hanifah, 2002).

Delaying tactics committed by the male spouses, such as by non-attendance in court
for a hearing, are very rarely punished by the court. Similarly, husbands who do not turn up for the counseling sessions (there are three mandatory counseling sessions for the couple before filing for divorce) go un-reprimanded. Postponement of court hearings because of the failure of husbands to appear in court is a common occurrence.

Any delay is a source of financial loss and psychological anguish for the women who expect justice from the court. These single mothers will take off from work in order to
appear in court. They also have to bear transportation costs (especially if they live in a rural area with poor transportation services), having to find someone to look after their children, only to have their cases postponed simply because their spouses or ex- spouses decide to delay the process by not appearing in court.

Shelter Home’s Single Mother’s Network comprise 180 individuals and is growing. The network is only about 2 years old and was established because it was felt that one cannot care for the children and ignore the needs of the mothers.
Then too, if the needs of Single Mothers could be met, there would be less abused, abandoned and at risk children on the streets of Malaysia.

Single mothers do need psychological, emotional and financial help and the latter area is where Jumble Station comes in. Setting up Jumble Station is a step forward to achieving this. However, we can only do it one single mum at a time and we need all the help to make this community outreach initiative an impactful programme. More on who some of these Single Mums are...coming soon... from Antz

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Corporate Collaboration with JS

Two companies have been collaborating with Jumble Station almost from day one and each have played a key role in ensuring what was only a germ of an idea, to really take shape and take off.

The first is Hai-O Marketing, which is involved in the importing and retailing whether directly or over-the-counter of Chinese herbs and medicine. Way back in the early 1990s, I visited China with 20 other journalists and a few corporate big-wigs one of whom was Tan Kai Hee, the founder of Hai-O.
Of course he doesn’t remember this but now 17 years down the road, our paths crossed again, albeit indirectly when Hai-O decided to donate several display shelves (gondolas, bean counters, glass display cabinet etc) to turn Jumble Station into a really nice looking thrift shop.
I’m told such display shelves would have cost several hundred ringgits, if not thousands if we had to buy it ourselves. Hai-O’s admin staff, Julie a single mum was very taken the concept of JS, enough to propose to her bosses that the company send over the display shelves which were lying unused in a store. Those display shelves are proving their worth and making JS an attractive location to browse for new finds because customers need not bend over cheap cardboard boxes or plastic containers.

The second corporate partner in our charitable journey of discovery is the Hovid Group which manufactures and markets more than 300 different types of drugs, healthcare dietary supplements. Despite being so far away, Ipoh to be exact, Hovid has been ever willing to assist Jumble Station in the area of collection of used items from its staff which were then nicely packed in boxes and sent down to Subang Jaya by lorry.

I first met David Ho, the prime mover of Hovid when I was an IT journalist with the Netvalue section of the Edge weekly business paper way back in 2004. That time, I was asked if I’d be willing to travel up to Ipoh from KL to interview David who was planning to list Hovid on the Bursa Malaysia. I agreed and did to David’s surprise! We hit it off from the word go and again, I little knew how this simple act would pay dividends three years down the road. Even the change over of corporate communications personnel mid-way did not stop Hovid from sending down items that could be placed on the shelves of JS.
To both these companies, JS owes a great big debt of gratitude. Though what was done may be small in the eyes of some mega corporations, the contributions of Hai-O and Hovid has had a huge impact on JS itself and for that we at JS want to say a big “Thank You.”
And oh yes, David has gone a step further, he’s roped in Susan Yuen of HSBC to launch a small loan (micro-finance) for single mums keen to be more entrepreneurial. These loans are capped at RM5,000 and come from Susan’s (via her artistic talents) and other donors’ efforts and will carry a very small interest, designed to make the borrowers more responsible rather than a free hand-out. This Grameen like fund is available to the poor and the Single Mothers and targeted at enabling them to be economically independent so if you know of anyone who fits this requirement, just holler okay! …..cheers Antz

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The folks behind Jumble Station

Mary Anne Tan: JS Operations Manager
• Grew up in the CHIJ orphanage in Malacca
• A photo-journalist with the local media for 25 years (Echo, Star, NST, Sun & The Edge)

Currently a sub-editor with The Edge's Financial Daily business paper

DiGi Journalist of the Year Award (2004) winner
• Volunteer with Shelter Home’s Single Mothers Network since 2006

Sanice Kam: JS Administration/Regulatory
• Serial entrepreneur
• Co-owner & founder of Tadika Cergas in Sri Muda Shah Alam
• Co-owner of La Lavender Restaurant in Shah Alam
• DUMC point person

Lim Lian See: Single Mother Co-ordinator
• Hairstylist for 25 years
• Single mother of 13 year old Sereena
• Volunteer with Shelter Home for 8 years
• Assisted in the est of Shelter Home’s Single Mothers Network
• Angel of the Year award 2003 from Abbot Lab

Looking back - why the need for JS

Turn your ‘trash’ into cash for those in need.

Money is hard to come by for most people. It’s worse for the 100 plus Single Mothers we know, who are struggling to bring up their children on very little cash each month. Jumble Station, a second hand shop was set up to enable you to make a difference in the lives of the poorer ones and make all without costing …well a sen!
How is that possible? Donate your unused, unwanted things. We will turn your 'trash into cash' by selling these affordably to the poor folks and the money generated will be used to assist those poorer off then they – specifically the Single Mothers meet their daily needs or learn to become a little more independent. Jumble Station is located at F1-01-05, Angsana Flats, Subang Mewah, USJ 1, Subang Jaya (5 mins drive from Giant Hypermarket in Subang Jaya ) Selangor

Rationale for Jumble Station

A more sustainable funds generator:
This shop lot acts as a permanent and will be a more sustainable form of fund generation instead of us always having to ask for an outright cash donation each time a need arises. The proceeds of this shop, will be utilized to assist those in need, specifically the 150 and growing number of single mothers currently under the Shelter Home Network
Why now: Many charities, Shelter Home included, are very dependent on donations and ad hoc fund raising activities to fund their programmes. The current economy makes fund raising harder and places high burdens on companies that are also caught in this economic crunch. A more regular source of funds generation makes sense.

Why a second hand business?
The second hand business offers the best possibility because almost everyone has something they don’t want in their homes or places of work. Then too, many people are more willing to donate things they don’t need or want than to give cash outright. By turning ‘trash’ into cash, we are helping people to dispose of their unwanted stuff while generating the funds to really help those who are in need. Thrift shops possess an enduring appeal both abroad and locally evidenced by the success of Cash Convertor, Buy-Sell Trade and Salvation Army stores as well as the many little flea markets that dot the Malaysian bazaar scenes. The fact is, the cost of living is rising while incomes are not, Jumble Station helps to stretch the ringgit while
reaching out to those in real need.

Rumble on the Jumble

We're planning our first Christmas celebration at Jumble Station and we'd originally planned it for Dec 22 but customers were quick to point out that many won't be able to make it since they'd still be away for Hari Raya Haji which falls on Dec 20. So to ensure maximum participation, the date was shifted to Dec 29 at JS itself from 6.30pm till 8.30pm.

Getting MPSJ approval is another thing. Apparently there are two groups, correction, three gangs controlling USJ1 and to avoid disruption from any of the trio, we were advised to get a permit from the MPSJ. Guess what, after filling in detailed information in triplicate, mind you, I took it along to the MPSJ official only to be told that if I wanted to sing carols, I'd need approval from the entertainment department, if I wanted to erect a tent, approval had to be obtained from the buildings department and if I wanted to have the tent, tables and chairs placed in the carpark space, well approval had to be obtained from the maintenance department which was upstairs! Sheesh...our civil servants really know how to discourage someone from planning anything...

At any rate, the girl must have seen the worry on my face and told me in not so many words not to hold my breath for the approval to come especially since it entailed getting it from three different departments so the best and most expedient way is to just hold the party within the confines of JS itself and 'kita pun tak kacau'.

So there you have it, its gonna be one cramped party where JS regular customers will get to meet some if not all of the single mothers' we're helping and some of our very responsive JS supporters. What's great is that we've already got one JS supporter Lillian who's managed to raise RM1,000 to fund the celebration, thanks gal!

For now though, our worry is finding the Christmas decorations to get that Christmassy ambience as well as the gifts for the kids, the single mums and possibly even the parents of these kids. Oh and yes, anyone out there have a Santa suit to lend us? Chee Leong already has the girth to fit this charming character of mirth so all we need is a Santa donor to complete this celebration of Christ's birth!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Finding us:-

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday at the Legend Hotel Mary Anne, Lian See and I went down to that hotel to witness the launch of a charitable event for the Shelter Honme's Single Mothers Network and the kids from El Shaddai charity home. It was quickie event, purely to inform the members of the press that this charity drive has been launched and calling on the members of the public as well as companies to donate for a good cause. The pre-Christmas event had the children from El-Shaddai and the single Mothers kids all singi ng Christmas carols like Jingle Bells and We wish you a merry Christmas, just to kick off the right spirit of giving for this Christmas season. Do check out for yourself for the pictures speak a thousands words.

I do not believe it , RTM needs so many for just an interview?

We went to pass out JS flyers to the people living in the other blocks... door to door delivery so to speak!

Jumble Station, the newest kid on the community outreach block and a great place to be for the poorer folks at Angsana Flats. It is designed to raise funds from the sale of used items and serves its purpose by helping the single parents where they need most - money! The other aim is to help the poorer community stretch their limited budgets. JS acceptsthings that are in good condition or repairable condition from those who might otherwise throw them away. JS policy is to give to a single parent in need any of the items for free if they have a need for it (after all, they would have to pay a hefty sum otherwise!) failing which, the items will then be converted into cash once it is sold off cheaply to the low cost dwellers within and around the area. There is no discrimination on race, religion or creed, a single parent in need will be given the aid once it is ascertained they are truly in need. For now, most of the single mothers are from the Shelter Home's Single Mothers Network but we're gradually expanding the number to include any that is brought to JS attention. The response from the Single mothers and JS customers are great. This means we need more items. Those who have stuff, do contact JS co-founders Mary Anne Tan (01-2202958) or Lian See (012-3871757) or Sanice Yap (016-2732000) for delivery or collection (big bulky items like TV, fridge, washing machine etc).

Hindraf and bersih supporter @ jumble station

These are the cupboard that are to be sold. Intrested do contact me. Thanks.

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