Thursday, July 5, 2012

JS hits 5 years!

Jumble Station’s 5 years old and to celebrate the special milestone we had our annual party which was held on July 1 2012, themed Starry Starry Bright featuring at least two well known stars impersonators – Michael Jackson and P. Ramlee! P Ramlee’s timeless charm came alive through the comedic rendition of Ai Ya Cik Siti which immortalizes the Ali Baba story of a servant girl attempting to procure the services of a cobbler to sew up a dead body. Single dads Adrian Ong and Hasrun Manaf played the role of Siti and Ah Pek so well they had the hugely appreciative crowd in stitches watching the blindfolded couple jump a couple of imaginary steps. And then came the real crowd pleaser! MJ Surin who is a real life Malaysian clone of the real Michael Jackson stunned the 150 plus single parents and kids who turned up for the event, with his mesmerizing moonwalks, fancy footwork and pulsating poses . From the minute he burst on stage and threw his hat down in a defiant act of independence, he had the audience, old and young right in the palm of his hands. They avidly followed his every move, every gesture and when he hopped off stage to grab some hands, many rushed forward to grasp or to snap some quick shots. When he left for a quick costume change, the crowd yelled impatiently for his return and just couldn’t get enough of his slick dancing moves. Prior to that, JS showed a slide presentation of all the highlights of the 5 year journey and smiles could be seen on the faces of those who were caught by the camera over from 2007 to 2012. Topping off the day’s event was a Blessed Draw where some 15 prizes were up for grabs and a sumptuous high tea with ayam berempah, golden nuggets and browned sausages while goodie bags filled with items such as an electric kettle each, Hovid’s vitamins and GDEX’s KFC coupons among other items. The Lioness Club of Subang Jaya were also on hand to make this party a very special one with 5 of their members turning up to assist us in the preparation of the goodie bags for the kids and in the presentation of the blessed draw gifts. Yes, the mood was joyous, the laughter infectious and the fun contagious. All in all, it was a great way to celebrate 5 glorious years of working with the poor single parents and it clearly showed that the passion still burns as bright as ever.