Monday, May 18, 2015

Vital role of volunteers

Oftentimes volunteers for charity downplay the role they play to the organisations they contribute their time and their efforts. Recently PWP/JS was able to share with volunteers of CES Foodbank how vital their input has been single parents in dire need. Yes Food Bank’s groceries help us to reach out to poor single parents in a practical & realistic manner. It tells them that they are not alone, there are hearts out there who care enough to want to give them groceries month after month until they can get back on their feet financially. But Foodbank is more than just a “ handout” it is at times the one and only lifeline for single parents struggling to come to terms with their own, very personal tragic events. Single mother Emilda is one case. Abandoned by her hubby 3 years ago she struggled to care for her 3 kids – two boys and a girl. Emilda was recently injured in a motorbike accident and tragically lost her youngest son in the accident. Her pain and grief was indescribable, she could not do anything but her two other kids still needed to eat and Foodbank’s groceries was all that enabled her to grieve while still feeding her other two kids. Another single mum Nancy suffered a stroke for two years following a car accident. She had just recovered and was driving out to a client place to hand over some accounting work done in her home when she lost her lost her life in a car accident. This picture of us giving her her monthly groceries was the last and only family photo taken before her tragic death. Rishi’s mum Saraswathy, was abandoned by her drunken hubby leaving her to care for 11 yr old Rishi and his older sister. Uneducated and without skills, JS helped Saras to get a job in a soap factory and Foodbank assisted with groceries for 3 years. She contracted cancer and did not tell her kids or PWP till it was too late. She died late 2013 and her older daughter who finished her studies and working, cares for Rishi today. Friends of PWP/JS and volunteers of Foodbank, never underestimate the impact your input has played in the lives of these people who are recipients of your efforts. Every minute, every hour, every day spent on helping those in need, is and will always be a life changing experience for you and them. Volunteers are vital…always!