Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kuen Cheng scores A+ for JS

 Last Saturday was report card day for Kuen Cheng (2) students and the school decided to take that opportunity for parents to do their bit for charity. Every parent was encouraged to bring along items they don’t need from their home and donate them to Jumble Station for that one day only.

Some had predicted that the response might be poor but in the end, the response was indeed overwhelming – so many parents and even their kids streamed into the hall and handed over their bags of clothes, toys, books and electrical items to the volunteers of JS, single mum Irene and Ann.

Others who forgot, took a JS postcard so they can collect more stuff and call us for a pickup in their respective homes while most wanted to know more of how we help single parents. For those parents who made the effort to pack their cars with items, JS gives them top scores while those who promise to go home and do some spring cleaning of their own, get a high five from us.

From toys, to clothes, to books, baby stuff and even some Barbie dolls, the items proved mighty useful and we hope many more schools will consider doing a similar charity donation drive for our JS single parents in need, especially with the deteriorating economic situation in Malaysia alone. To all the teachers, helpers and parents of Kuen Cheng (2) A very heartfelt “Thank You”.