Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcoming the NEW YEAR... 2012!

Say hello to 2012 - a new year, a fresh start, a lovely chance to do more, do better and make a greater impact on the single parents community in Malaysia. Jumble Station and PWP Bhd takes this marvellous opportunity to say a very big and heartfelt THANK YOU to all our friends, fans and supporters for their unstinting cooperation and support over the last 41/2 years and as we move into our crucial 5th year of existence, we sincerely hope that we can together with all others, be there in a real sense for single parents in need and be the motivational factor for the success o their children's efforts to break out of the cycle of poverty that has gripped their families all these years. With your continued linkages, we can move mountains to reach each family, one problem at a time. So HAPPY 2012 to all and BLESS YOU for your friendship and love....from the three co-founders: Lim Lian See, Mary Anne Tan and Sanice Kam.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Graduates of Sewing Station

It has been 4 months of gruelling training – every Tuesday and Thursday nights – the students have been faithfully turning up at the Sewing Station at PJ Old Town to master the intricate art of sewing and fashion designing.

The students – Mala a mother of three kids, Yeong Fong Peng a deaf mute, Suhaibah a single mother of three, Carol a businesswoman and Joyce a housewife – all successfully completed their basic training in sewing and fashion designing just prior to Christmas.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, the class of 2011 (the inaugural batch) decided to throw a small graduation party and come dressed in the baju kurung that they had sewn for themselves. And to make the occasion even more special, Jumble Station’s co-founder Sanice was specially invited to grace this very special event.

For Jumble Station, this event marks a new milestone in our efforts to assist poor single parents and poor families wanting to improve their livelihood. For many of these students, the ability to sew a dress and to master the skills of fashion designing will enable them to earn extra money to feed their families or help them to start a home-based business by itself.

As for Adrian, the single father and ex-fashion designer, this graduation of the first batch of students is momentous in that it marks the first time ever he has been able to teach anyone his special skills and to be able to teach those who are illiterate to this stage is an achievement in itself.

Anyone interested in joining his class can contact Jumble Station at 016-2202958

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sporty trip of a lifetime for JS/PWP’s poor kids

Cars, bikes and planes are every child’s idea of great toys but the pleasure is tripled when the toys are really big rich men’s toys, so to get a chance to ride in one of these vehicles is always an opportunity not to be missed.

Well Parents Without Partners Bhd (PWP) was asked to send some children of single parents and kids from disadvantaged families to participate in the Royal Selangor Club's (RSC) annual motorsports carnival and charity drive held recently.

PWP co-founder Sanice Kam with some 18 children in tow turned up at the Dataran Merdeka where they were greeted by more than 80 vintage, classic, super fast cars and superbikes put on display specially for this occasion. Around 15 of them were also the more ultra-modern, fast cars, such as the Lamborghini and the Ferrari as well as around 15 Harley-Davidson motorcycles for the youngsters to gape in awe and wonder. In the vintage and classic cars category includes a 1965 MG GT and a Citroen 2CV.
According to the RSC Motor Sports Section’s organising chairman, Mr R. Shanmugam, this is the RSC’s 5th time organising such an event for the under privileged kids as part of the club’s contribution to society, only this time, they did it with the strong support of the Blue Jacket Club members as well.

The kids on their part had a whale of a time and their thrill of a life time had to have been the long leisurely drive from the innermost city of KL out to the fascinating Sungai Besi RMAF Musuem where aerial displays of vintage planes and pre-war aeroplanes as well as some sleek looking helicopters made it a truly fun outing for all.

Topping off the trip was a cheque for RM2,000 given to PWP by the RSC aimed at helping the charitable organisation with its efforts to assist poor single parents and their kids in the coming months. To the RSC Motor Sports Section and the Blue Jackets Club, a very big “Thank You” for your kindness and generosity to the needy single parents under PWP’s care and concern.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

financial tips for single parents

Parents have the hardest job in the world, and those who do it alone truly deserve a medal. An added challenge of single parenting is handling the finances. Living on only one income makes budgeting, and saving for your little ones' future even more difficult. The good news is that you're not alone and financial freedom is closer than you think.

Here are some financial tips for single parents.

1.Talk to your kids about money
If your children are old enough to understand the value of money, then it may be in your best interest to talk to them about it. Airing out the family's financial situation can give kids a better idea of where money comes from and where it goes. Opening this line of communication between you and your kids may foster a better understanding of spending, budgeting, and saving so that they can contribute to the family nest one day.
2.Track your spending
As a single parent, you have to be even more cautious of your spending and how it impacts your family. Single parents are advised to track their spending by keeping a written or digital ledger of their purchases. Once you know how much you're spending and where it's going, you can better budget your money and start investing wisely.
3.Save on child care
Child care is expensive, and some single parents simply don't want the added costs. If you're not going to get child care, then you're going to have to make some adjustments to make it work. First, ask family and friends if they can watch your children while you're at work. If this doesn't work, then you may need to change your work schedule, or split the duties with a trusted child care provider to cut the costs in half.
4.Manage and stay out of debt
The last thing you need to compound your financial troubles is getting into debt. Living on one income is most certainly tough, but single parents have to make wise financial decisions to avoid falling into debt. If you're already in debt, take care of this problem right away. This may mean taking on another job to pay off your current debt, or resorting to debt consolidation or debt settlement.

5.Save for retirement
Don't forget about yourself! Single parents should continue to save for retirement so they have enough money to live on when they stop working. Even if you're a young parent, it's never too early to start setting money aside for retirement and planning for your future. Parents who live on a limited income are advised to put more money into retirement and emergency funds than in college savings because their children will likely qualify for financial aid and scholarships. There's no such thing for retirees.
6.Save for your kids' college education
Saving for college is difficult for anyone, especially if you're a single parent. You may not be able to save enough to pay for their entire schooling, but every little bit counts. The earlier you can start setting money aside for college, the more you'll be able to help them out. Depending on your family income, your children may qualify for financial aid, scholarships, and work study programs that make college much more attainable.
7.Find free things to do
There are plenty of fun activities to do with your children that don't cost a sen. Single parents should partake in free activities like going to the park, attending museums during free hours, camping out in the backyard, and playing board games at home. Not only are these activities cost-effective, but they are fun for the whole family.
8.Live within your means
Although many people do not live within their means, it is crucial for single parents to do so. Living within your means is very doable, but it certainly requires a great deal of discipline. If you can no longer afford your car payments or your mortgage is becoming a major financial burden, then it may be time to downgrade to a less expensive car or move into a more affordable apartment. Just as you teach your children the difference between needs and wants, you have to explore the same question when it comes to living within your means.
9.Create an emergency fund
Parents know that accidents happen, but not everyone is prepared for the costs that come from these unexpected events. One of the best ways to protect your family from being completely wiped out in an emergency is to create an emergency fund. Although this amount varies from person to person, single parents should try to save as much as they possible can because they are supporting themselves and their children. When creating your emergency fund, consider different emergency scenarios and how much they would cost and give some thought to your job security. But most importantly, don't touch that emergency fund unless it's a real emergency.

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