Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Real people …real stories

The key question on most people’s minds when it comes to charity is – “how exactly do you help your target group?” In Jumble Station and Parents Without Partners case, we have often cited and presented pictures and articles of the people we help and what we’ve done to impact their lives.

Yet nothing speaks more clearly than for the people who have been helped by us, to share in their own words, how we are able to meet their needs or their children’s needs. Recently, two single parents, single dad Adrian Ong and single mother Jahujah were present to share their innermost thoughts and feelings as single parents struggling to survive before and how JS entry into their lives made their dire situation more bearable.

Both Adrian, who fostered Nisha from a newborn till she was 7 years old before her parents took her back to their kampong in Terenganu and Jahujah who was abandoned by her hubby one year ago and left to care for her 7 year old son on her own, spoke from their hearts, leaving many listeners at the TDDI women’s fundraising talk very moved.

Adrian shared about how JS mentored him through his depression and suicidal 3 year walk and helped him to now run his own small business Vintage Vibes and teach sewing at Learning Station while Jahujah shared about how JS aside from giving her groceries each month was also able to give her a lovely lady’s bicycle to replace her really old teenager bike that she needed to cycle from her flat to the factory where she works as a cleaner.