Saturday, April 21, 2018

Experiment and Reading.
Recently our volunteer Angeline and her two lovely boys together with her supportive husband, conducted science experiment and reading session with the children from Angsana Flats, in USJ1.
Our volunteer started off with a very unique science experiment. The aim of the experiment was to uncover the scientific secret of soap! The name of the experiment is, Colour Changing Milk. Items such as plates, milk, food colouring (red, yellow, green and blue), cotton swabs, and dish washing liquid, used for the experiment. The children in Reading Station (RS) were puzzle and thought they needed to drink milk when they saw the milk carton. However, after explaining to them the purpose of the experiment, they got curious and excited instead!
Angeline, demonstrated well to the children and explained the steps, safety as well cleanliness during and after experiment. Every child took turns to try to discover for themselves the experiment. There were many oooh’s and waaaah’s from the children expression and amazed to see the effect between the colour and dish washing liquid. It was like ‘Magic Color’.
Soon after the experiment was over, everyone sat down in different age groups to do some reading. It was encouraging to see some improvement, although small number of them were still struggling even to read out a simple word. Nevertheless, practice will definitely make it perfect with much encouragement and much love.
So, come and join our team and lets inspire these children to read in English!