Monday, August 25, 2008

When high price meets low price

UDM Owners who are the proud owners of high priced vehicles BMW dropped by Jumble Station last Saturday to share some of their ‘cool comfort’ stuff with Jumble Station and took along about 5 Single Parents and their kids for the ride of their lives.

A total of 10 BMW cars replete with Malaysian flags made up the convoy for the UDM Owners Merdeka Charity Drive and were flagged off by Subang Jaya ADUN Hannah Yeoh. The VVIP passengers comprised Rosnah and her four children, Babu and his 7 boys, Julie Tan and her three kids, Lisa and her 5 month old daughter as well as Olga a Filipino single mum as well as three of single mum Nani’s children.

The convoy took off at 9.30am and wound its way from Jumble Station to the Sunway Lagoon Resort where the BMWs were given a special right to park at the Orange Atrium entrance. From then on, the focus was on making the day special for the Single Parents and their kids.

They were treated to a movie “Meet Dave” where laughter greeted Eddie Murphy’s latest antics and fast talk after which lunch was at Michaelangelo’s Italian Kitchen and a little bit of shopping around the Sunway Pyramid 2 shopping mall before heading back to Jumble Station at 4pm. The day was topped off with each child being given a goodie bag full of tidbits and stationary items, among others.

The overall response from the kids and parents say it all.

Babu: “Ini Italian makan banyak sedap. Baik kita dapat makan sini. Tak pernah makan macam ini. Kalau saya kena bayar, lebih RM100 mana sanggup?

Rosnah: “My children have not gone to see a show for ages. We cannot afford it cos it is cheaper to buy a VCD or DVD but they love the car ride, the movie and the food!”

Lisa “My little slept all the way in the BMW, she knows what comfort is and she was so good too during the movie!

Nani: My children really enjoyed themselves, thank you so much for arranging this event.”

Julie Tan: “My kids are really happy today and even though they had to wait around, they told me the wait was really worth it! Thanks JS and UDMOnwers for this special day!


Anonymous said...

hi there
im ajad...the one who bring lisa, alysha and the green was nice and very meaningful for me to bring them and il always remember them...thanks and see ya again...

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