Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Write or creatively draw your way to Oman

Want to travel to Oman? Want to see what the other side of the world has to offer? Oman Air, the official airline for Oman will be giving three children of poor single parents from Parents Without Partners’ organization, a chance to fly and stay for free at Muscat, the capital city of Oman from November 28-Dec 2 2010.

If you want the chance to get to Muscat, hurry and take part in our Art or Essay Competition and prove to us that you deserve to be picked as one of the winners for this very special contest.

Aged between 12-15? Show us your dexterity with the paintbrush or markers by drawing your view of Oman as the ultimate travel destination. Draw what you hope to see, draw why you think traveling to Oman will help you. Draw anything that captures your fancy, along the lines of why “I want to travel to Oman” and see if your drawing captures the hearts of the judges.

For youths within the ages of 16-20, take a pen to paper or get on to a PC to type out a 300 word essay in English or BM on why “I want to travel to Oman”. Let your thoughts soar to the skies, share your aspirations, your dreams, your hopes about what you want to do, see or experience when you are there. Let your creative juices rip, the more creative your essay, the more fascinating a read it becomes, the better your chances of flying on Oman Air come the year end school holidays.

So what are you waiting for? Get cracking and be sure not to miss the Oct 15 deadline and remember to include:

Your full name:
Parent’s full name:

For more information, contact: Mary Anne Tan 016-2202958, Lim Lian See 0123871757

Incidentally, this is a CSR initiative by newcomer Oman Air to give back to Malaysia for the warm hospitality and welcome it received when it launched its inaugural Muscat to KL flight early this year. Despite being so new to the fast rising Malaysian aviation scene, Oman Air has hit the ground running with its desire to assist the marginalised and PWP/Jumble Station is delighted to be the recipient of its humanitarian gesture. PWP president Lim Lian See and vice president Mary Anne got together with Oman Air District Sales Manager Kathleen Leong and her PR consultant Jennifer to hammer out the details of the competition. PWP looks forward to Oman Air inspiring its single parents' kids to look to the skies and beyond for a better life ahead.

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