Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be Grateful, Be Thankful... always!

Have embarked on a Gratitude Attitude Journal to remind myself of the many small blessings that come my way and this is one of them...

Lord.. I really don’t know why my phone had to act up today but I thank you for enabling me to dry it out fast enough, get a spare battery that fits it and allow my phone to hot sync with my PC so that all my contents and contacts aren’t going to be lost for good. Thankfully this experience is a good forewarning for me to back up all my info so that I won’t lose the data the way I did the other time.

I would also like to thank you earnestly for allowing me to be of help to Pasupthy and her daughter Mariam as well as Mary Dass and her daughter Linda. I had the lovely opportunity to assist them and be of real help to each of them by taking them all the way to Putrajaya.

Take Pasupthy for instance, when I discovered that there was a spelling mistake in her new copy of her birth certificate I managed to persuade the government clerk, despite her obvious reluctance, to re-issue her birth certificate with her proper name so that there will be no problems in the years to come.

As for Linda, I’m truly happy that I could assist in sending her to the National Registration Department and while there have a pep talk with her on her need to save more rather than spend all her earnings on goodness knows what.

I am also deeply grateful Lord that you did not make me to be a racist, the way the Malay civil servants were to Pasupthy especially when they dismissed my horrified look that it would take them 2 years to let Pasupthy know if her application for citizenship is approved or rejected.

I am truly so grateful for my Malaysian citizenship status that I’ve always taken so much for granted which has given me the right to vote in the Malaysian general elections especially after Pasupthy’s interviewer snidely remarked that ‘her one vote doesn’t count!”

Lord teach me never to be so insulting, so snide or so contemptuous of our God given right to vote and allow me to treasure my very own citizenship while praying that you will intervene for innocent folks like these single parents who ask for nothing more than what is their birthright!

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