Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dinos Alive!

Talk about dinosaurs and the kids surely do come alive indeed. Recently PWP was invited by the Lioness of Subang Jaya to bring along 15 children of single parents for the Dinos Alive exhibition at the National Science Centre at Bukit Kiara. The 15 children soon ballooned to 20 and by the time we actually got on the chartered school bus, there were 30 of us, all from angsana at USJ1.

Arriving at the Science Centre we found ourselves one of hundreds of kids, all of whom had taken the start of the one week May school holidays as a chance to educate themselves about all things scientific and marvel at the giant prehistoric monsters! Ensuring our 29 youngsters stayed together at all times was a near impossibility and on the three occasions when we lost a kid or two, it was literally like looking for a needle in a hay stack or an ikan bilis in an ocean!

Despite that the outing was a huge success for the tiny tots, with the youngest Hakimi and his new best friend Hui Min awe struck by the magnitude of their Jurrassic pals. Funnily enough they weren’t in the least bit intimidated by the sheer size of the monsters but some other older kids were terrified by the sounds and life like movements of the dinos with one or two loudly refusing to enter the pseudo cave or jungle habitat.

A hearty chicken rice meal topped off the afternoon followed soon after by the youngsters giddily playing at the nearby playground, slipping, sliding and racing each other up and down some slides, crazily spinning the merry-go-round till they flopped down in a dizzy spell themselves or swinging like veritable tarzans on the four swings available at the park. All in all, the kids had a wonderfully refreshing time and wanted to know when the next “outing” would be so that they could be invited again. Thanks Lionesses of Subang for making this holiday season so special for our single parents and poor folks kids… keep up the good work.

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