Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Promoting Reading Station

Reading Station, a community corner designed to reach out to poor kids in Angsana low cost flats Subang Mewah Subang Jaya is now a reality.
Here is a place where kids can come to learn to read and communicate in English, share their views, and most importantly grow in the love of the language.
Since December 2015 the Reading Station opened its doors to the youngsters every (Tuesday) for reading purposes only . Despite the small numberof volunteers in the Reading Station, the kids are beginning to embrace the concept, the environment and , the culture designed to inculcate a love for reading.
Their keenness induced PWP open the premises on Sundays too where the kids can discover the joys of reading, drama, music and songs, /dance, as well as arts and crafts.
PWP Social Coordinator, Jayapratha together with Operations Manager, Adrian Ong stepped up the exposure by giving out flyers to the many residents at Angsana Flats in hopes of encouraging them to turn up for Sunday classes. In the process, PWP discovered that the parents are excited. They expressed their desire for their kids to learn ,to achieve their fullest potential and not waste time watching TV or grow wild on the streets.
Since many of these parents can’t afford to send their children for tuition or to the public library. Reading Station is now the nearest community library for them.
On Sundays the hours are from 2pm – 3pm for the Singing /Dancing/Drama/Story Telling, followed by Arts and Crafts from 3pm to 4pm. When the children were asked what they really liked on the first day of orientation, one kid said “lukis!” (drawing) another said “menari” (dancing). When asked what they want to be when they grow up , one said “fashion designer!” another “teacher!” “engineer!”so on. What it shows is that these kids have the same big dreams as their urban counterparts.
What Reading Station needs now are truly dedicated and keen volunteers willing to share their time and skills on Sundays. What’s lovely is the PWP has started to receive callsand queries from some folks and this is a positive sign indeed. Nevertheless we need people willing to commit their Sundays and be rostered to help out as helpers to break the vicious cycle of poverty by inspiring a whole new generation of English language and creative youngsters of the future. Together we can make Reading Station a catalyst for success in Malaysia.
For more info call:Jaya.B @ 019 - 233 1730 (9am - 5pm)

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