Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lee Hwa Beng delivers!

Last month when Subang Jaya ADUN Datuk Lee Hwa Beng first mentioned during the Goodyear Court 10 collection day for Jumble Station on January 25th that he was going to give RM2,500 to Jumble Station for the Single Parents cause I thought it was mere 'politician' talk! Like most people I have a healthy skeptism about politicians grandstanding for the benefit of the media. I 'well wasn't really holding my breath' to see if Lee would keep to his word what with talk of election swirling around back then.

Lee obviously takes his pledges very seriously because not long after the event I received a call from his office, from a Carol asking for more details about JS and who should the account made out to. I told her to make it to Jumble Station and it will be put into the special account we have set up especially for Single Parents where every sen there will be utilised strictly for Single Parents in need.

Well just last Thursday I received a call asking me to collect the cheque from Datuk Lee's office and I did. That made me realise that Datuk Lee is someone who takes his pledges and promises very seriously and that he does truly have a compassionate heart...after all with the 12th General Election at feverish pace, one could forgive him for overlooking this very small matter but no, he did not dismiss this and today some Single Parents will benefit from this.

At least two of the most dire needs come to mind - Chandra Babu's 7 boys will get some, so will Rainah's 4 boys, Shanti who suffers from a bad back and can't do much work these days and a couple more poor Single Mums at Desa Mentari itself - all will be blessed by this 'gift' from this politician that cares enough to do his bit. Lee is now gunning for the MP's post and JS wishes him all the best in his political aspirations - society sure needs politicians with big hearts these days.

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