Friday, March 28, 2008

Media Moves

Well well... the media is gradually discovering JS and liking it enough to want to highlight it in their respective papers. New Straits Times was among the first to kick off this media train ride and then Klang Valley's most hip local Malay paper Kosmo called us up for an interview followed soon after by Subang Jaya's very own local community paper SJ Echo. Both Kosmo and SJ Echo interviews were held on the same day and the same time (since they ain't rivals) and it was nice sharing with them what JS was trying to achieve and what we really need. I'm still waiting for the pix that the Kosmo photographer promised to send to me ...

And then there was The Star! At last soneone from the People's Paper, my old alma paper (was there from 1983-1993) realised that JS is worth some printers ink enough to highlight us in the paper in a more indepth basis... well we did have one small article about Court 10 conducting a donation collection drive but that was to coincide with Lee Hwa Beng's visit to his potential voters. This time around Lim Chia Ying scoured the USJ1 area to find us and we were able to share quite a bit about how JS got its start, what we've done so far and where we aim to go next. What was nice was that the photgrapher was able to snap a pix of single mother Rainah just as she was ready to herd her three feisty boys to afternoon school. I grabbed the opportunity to snap off shots as the Star reporter and photographer were taking photos of them.. and now we just await the printed articles and we hope more people will know about JS and the needs of Single Parents and want to step up to provide items or like Josephine did.. help sponsor a single mother for six months until things get more settled past the grieving period or she obtains a more regular source of income ... Antz

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