Monday, September 29, 2008

70 needy folks get Raya Hampers from PPB Group

Malaysia's sugar king Robert Kuok's local corporate arm PPB Group wanted to bless some of the needy folks around Subang and Sunway areas and approached Jumble Station for help in identifying the right people to give Hari Raya Hampers.

Despite the rather short notice, we were able to get some 70 names - 50 from the Angsana area where JS is located and another 20 from Desa Mentari at Sunway to bring joy to . Our JS lorry swung by PPB office at Wisma Jerneh at Jalan Sultan Ismailwhere 70 invidual bags of oggdies were already ready and waiting for delivery. Expecting the usual gaily wrapped hamper, I was surprised to find several, heavily loaded bags good enough for a muscle-man to carry. Inside each bag were an assorted range of goodies from sardines to flourto sugar, to biscuits to cooking oil, Clorox and even fresh bread and apples. All in all it was one heavy load indeed. Just pushing, dragging and shoving the bags albeit carefully onto the lorry was a hefty task that had workers and volunterrs panting and heaving towards the end. desa Mentari was the first stop and it being a week day, a Tuesday most of the 20 Single Mums were away at work leaving only a handful to collect on behalf on the rest.
After that it was off to Angsana where some 30 or so needy ones which included Single Parents, the disabled, the low income, chronically ill and the down trodden were given their respective bag of goodies. For garbage collector Sadi Nawi for instance,it meant being able to eat for a couple of days because prior to that, he depended on his daily wage of RM1.50 - RM3 from the management in lieu of disposing the mountains of garbage that acrrued at Angsana Flats. While some residents there questioned the wisdom of someone who is an acoholic the key and valid point they're missing is that he more than any other person there is really in need of help and if during this Raya month we cannot keep one more indivudual happy and contented if only for a wee while, why then should we begrudge such a person a little joy like this - after all giving a raya hamper is not like one is giving him cash so he can drink right!

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