Friday, January 16, 2009

Back to School Rush!

What’s usually the biggest headache parents face towards the start of a new school term? Finding the cash to buy new school uniforms, school shoes, bags, books and stationery. If you have more than two kids, the problem becomes a migraine indeed and if you’re a Single Parent, it’s enough to send you to the loony bin.

Realising this, Jumble Station got together with a couple of charitable souls from various churches, led by Damansara Utara Methodist Church’s Excel Community Services and several CGs, to assist Single Parents and their children cross this tough hurdle. The “Back to School” party was also organised to coincide with the festive Christmas season to bring greater cheer into their weary and tired lives.

Some 50 Single Parents and 130 children from Desa Mentari which is a stone throw from Sunway were able to participate in this event where they were royally treated to a sumptuous dinner replete with one humongous stuffed roasted turkey donated generously by Victoria Station and topped off with packets of Cheezels and Tiger biscuits from Kraft that had the little ones smiling from ear to ear. For many of them, these were rare treats indeed!

While the children were delighted to get a set of spanking new uniforms, school bag and stationery set, many of the single parents too were not forgotten and each went home with a goodie bag filled to the brim with grocery items that ranged from ‘beras’ to cookies, oil to flour among others.

Lucien a freelance photographer took some candid and picturesque shots of the fun filled event and the pictures themselves tell a very telling tale of how a thoughtful few, with lots of enthusiasm can bring tremendous joy to many of the less privileged, more importantly to the Single Parents who are generally overlooked during the ‘Back to School” rush. At least this time, they weren’t!

Interested in helping single parents in need – call us at 016-2202958

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