Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A-hunting JS went

Here's a fun way to raise some funds for charity - have a treasure hunt! Well Jumble station was given an opportunity to participate in a hunt with a difference - firstly it was organised by a church - DUMC - and it was the first time ever the church's community centric arm was doing this and secondly it was part of a programme designed to bring the Christmas joy to some single parents.

Some 20 single parents and their kids, making a total of 40 in all, turned up a day earlier for a day long carnival where games, carolling and just pure fun was the order of the day. First off they had to guess the weight of a large Christmas hamper, it showed if you go shopping often and someone said it weighed like a newborn baby. Never having had a kiddo, I could associate it more to the weight of a bag of rice - so I put the figure at 5.8kg, aw shucks, it turned out to be a bigger bag - 9.5kg! There was also the guess the number of stars os all those with a head for figures and an eye for the shiny stars went a-countin but come to think of it, I don't remember hearing what the final score was and who actually won it! There were other activities like the tangram, drawing competition etc

The next day was the treasure hunt and since it was organised by a church with the help of a professional hunt firm - Time-out Solutions - it's logical to think it might have some Bible related questions. Wrong - not a thing unless you wanna count the question where it said 'what was Jesus first words to Joseph? Ans - Oh Pappa!.. The rest of the time the questions were quite tough and one had to be really Sherlockian to get the right answer - it didn't help when we got lost somewhere in Bangsar and missed out on some Qs and didnt quite get our treasures that tepat---still overall it was an enjoyable afternoon and JS staff got the much needed break needed for the holiday season, enough to make this Christmas really memorable to say the least..lets hope we do better at the next JS paricpating hunt!

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