Saturday, May 1, 2010

Earthy feel to Earth Day

Jumble Station was invited to participate in the two day Earth Day Celebration at the Kota Damansara Community Forest reserve and brought along its many pre-loved item.
In line with the policy of recycling pre-loved items to save the earth we were able to share with many of the local residents there about what Parents Without Partners and JS is all about.

Many were happy to learn that they could just give us a call and we’ll swing by their houses to collect stuff they want to let go provided of course the items are still in fairly good condition. We had also brought along some 40 bottles of homemade pickles that one single mum with four daughters had made to sell. May believes strongly in her pickles and promises that once ‘makan’ the customers will come back for more.

Remarkably, we managed to sell 17 bottles and we hope to sell off the rest at the next visit to Amcorp Mall. The pre-loved items were a nice attractive addition to our booth but many folks out there were not keen to buy the pre-loved items. Still for us, it proved to be an interesting weekend because we got to hear many people singing including Hijau singer Zainal Abidin who turned out to be mischievously lively and charming. He had the crowd in the palm of his hands and backed by a very strong choir, sang this green number with great gusto. Taking his pix up close and personal was great while his songs were lovely to listen to especially in the green surroundings. Bet the trees were swaying along with the mesmerizing beat too!

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