Monday, May 3, 2010

Magical, funny party

For a short three hours at least, our 50 single parents, mostly single mums and three single dads, and 120 little kids were able to forget their financial woes and have a rollicking good time. They were the special guests for our Magical Journey party held on May 2 2010 and many came with great expectations indeed, if not to win a prize at the lucky draw or to be entertained for the afternoon.

They weren’t disappointed, the event kicked off with some simple yet fun games one of which saw four men wrapping up an egg each with newspapers and having their precious treasure thrown force fully on the floor before a judge unwrapped it to see which egg was intact. The funny part was to have the female judges smashing two eggs and the lone male judge leaving both eggs intact!

Single father Adrian then had the crowd in stitches when he sashayed towards the stage to the tune of “Pretty Woman” and then proceeded to wow them with his mimed rendition of a half and half – he had painted his face and dressed himself as P Ramlee on one side and Saloma on the other side. So when he sang to single mum Suhaibah, he was the suave, heart throb crooner P Ramlee and when he turned to single father Boon, he was the dulcet sexy Saloma! Next he had single father Hasrun to don a wig and a guitar and sang “Have I told you lately that I love you” in tribute to PWP founders for helping him to get from zero to hero.

Sam Tee aka Uncle Button button-held his audience right from the beginning with his comic antics from cycling into the hall on his impossibly small bike to him letting his plates twirl atop a thin pole. He had the kids practically swarming the stage and clamouring to be his assistant while the single parents gaped and gawked at his fast sleight of hand acts. For many, the one hour slap stick humour Uncle Button put on was indeed a magical journey, one filled with fun and amusement all the way.

The event culminated in a lucky draw prize presentation with almost ¾ of the single parents walking off with a prize. Single mother Cindy Khong, 38 who has a 11 year old son Jinn Pen and and a 10 year old daughter Kinn Wei won the top prize of a 29inch TV. The delighted winner says that this is her biggest win and she can now return her 14inch TV which has been borrowed from her parents for the last 8 years since her hubby left her!

The winners and those who failed to win, nevertheless went home with a goodie bag filled with sponsored items from a RM10 KFC meal voucher from GDEX to sachets of vitamin C from Hovid, from shampoos and conditioners from Trends Unisex to the many little stationary items obtained from the fun fair coupons sponsored by Kevala yoga kakis. Newly registered single father Boon who has a 5 year old son describes it best in his SMS message after the event: “Thank you for all the wonderful blessings”. To all the friends and sponsors who helped to make the party the magically and heartwarmingly enjoyable event a Very Big Thank You indeed from Parents Without Partners Bhd!

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