Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Graduates of Sewing Station

It has been 4 months of gruelling training – every Tuesday and Thursday nights – the students have been faithfully turning up at the Sewing Station at PJ Old Town to master the intricate art of sewing and fashion designing.

The students – Mala a mother of three kids, Yeong Fong Peng a deaf mute, Suhaibah a single mother of three, Carol a businesswoman and Joyce a housewife – all successfully completed their basic training in sewing and fashion designing just prior to Christmas.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, the class of 2011 (the inaugural batch) decided to throw a small graduation party and come dressed in the baju kurung that they had sewn for themselves. And to make the occasion even more special, Jumble Station’s co-founder Sanice was specially invited to grace this very special event.

For Jumble Station, this event marks a new milestone in our efforts to assist poor single parents and poor families wanting to improve their livelihood. For many of these students, the ability to sew a dress and to master the skills of fashion designing will enable them to earn extra money to feed their families or help them to start a home-based business by itself.

As for Adrian, the single father and ex-fashion designer, this graduation of the first batch of students is momentous in that it marks the first time ever he has been able to teach anyone his special skills and to be able to teach those who are illiterate to this stage is an achievement in itself.

Anyone interested in joining his class can contact Jumble Station at 016-2202958

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