Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcoming the NEW YEAR... 2012!

Say hello to 2012 - a new year, a fresh start, a lovely chance to do more, do better and make a greater impact on the single parents community in Malaysia. Jumble Station and PWP Bhd takes this marvellous opportunity to say a very big and heartfelt THANK YOU to all our friends, fans and supporters for their unstinting cooperation and support over the last 41/2 years and as we move into our crucial 5th year of existence, we sincerely hope that we can together with all others, be there in a real sense for single parents in need and be the motivational factor for the success o their children's efforts to break out of the cycle of poverty that has gripped their families all these years. With your continued linkages, we can move mountains to reach each family, one problem at a time. So HAPPY 2012 to all and BLESS YOU for your friendship and love....from the three co-founders: Lim Lian See, Mary Anne Tan and Sanice Kam.

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