Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Really Cool Party at Genting Resort

One busload of poor kids from Subang Jaya, Desa Mentari and Lembah Subang set off for the cool heights of Genting Highlands Resort recently and discovered an amazing warmth in welcome that still resounds till now! Jumble Station had been invited to bring some 40 kids for Genting’s annual Christmas party on December 13, 2012 and for many of the 30 kids that eventually turned up, this was their first time ever seeing this cool mountain retreat for real. The party themed “Out of this world” saw many of Genting’s Employees dressed in space like costume and mythological creatures. Each of the 10 charity homes that made its way up the hill resort was also encouraged to have its kids participate in the competition resulting in many a spaced out bumble bee, monster masked behemoth, a princess or two and other strange creatures. On our part we had single dad Adrian’s two girl Nisha and Natasha dressed in silver lame space gear complete with robotic masks and shocking blue and pink Afro hairpieces. Nisha’s natural grace and ability to carry herself well enabled her to beat the others and won for herself a RM500 first prize. The season’s merriment was made all the more warm and inviting with the presence of the VVIP, none other than Puan Sri Cecelia Lim herself who turned out to be a very charming, fun loving and hugely supportive persona – willing at the drop of a hat to join in the activities – from her impromptu Christmas carol singing to doing the Gangnam style dancing with happy abandon. She came across as truly a people person, different from the usually very formal top gun one would come across in the corporate world –a refreshing change indeed. However what got our kids even more excited was the part where their personal Christmas wish was fulfilled in a spectacular manner – some like single dad Yun’s two boys Hamizan and Heikal had wished for a bicycle each – while Nisha’s younger sister Farah Diyana had also wished for a bicycle – all found themselves “gifted” with a bike each! The bigger teens ended up with handphones, MP3 players with a surprise backpack thrown in! It was highly amusing to see tiny tots like 2 year old Gunawan toddling away with a Genting bag of goodies that was even bigger than he is while little Nur Ramadhani, 8, held tightly to her white teddy bear and cried later when she thought she had lost it! After the gifts galore, it was time for some outdoor fun but the steady drizzle and cold air drew the youngsters back into the fun of the indoor amusement park and the kids, both young and old were delighted to try all the various rides – from the paddle pop train ride to the carousel, from the screaming terror ride of the roller coaster to the more sedate Eiffel Tower car rides. All in all, everyone from Jumble Station had a fantastic time and our thanks must go to the dedicated Genting staff that took care of all the details and ensured a marvelously smooth party from the beginning to the end! Four year old Nurul Debby Syafika says it best when she woke up early the next day and insisted her mum wake her older brother up so they won’t be late for another ride up to Genting Highlands again!

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