Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sharing the “True Breath” of Christmas

The recent 1Muhibbah Christmas party hosted by the Breath of God Church led by Rev Aloysious Lopez and his charming wife on Sunday Dec 16 at the Vivatel Hotel is a marvelous example of how a church can bless so many children of different races and enable them to feel a fresh breath of what Christmas is all about. Jumble Station sent over some of its poor Muslim kids to the event and they were immediately enveloped in the spirit of love, fun and excitement from the beginning to the end. With hundreds of kids their age running around merrily complete with party hats and sweets, our kids, even down to the littlest one, Gunawan, 2 years old, felt right at home in the cavernous banquet hall. From the time they grabbed a candy floss, were handed a Christmas goodie bag to the time they got a Christmas present each, right up to the moment they were able to run on stage to do the gangnam dances and wiggle their bodies to the beat of music, the kids were in seventh heaven. For Nurain and Fazlyn this was their first ever Christmas party and they couldn’t get enough of it! The icing on the cake was when the VIP guest Datuk Seri Sharizat, former Welfare Minister and current head of BN’s Wanita movement genially agreed to have her photograph taken with the JS team. Sharizat who had met Farah Nisha some years back when she was just a kid was pleasantly surprised to discover how she had shot up in height and still as pretty as ever at the age of 12! Sharizat also handed over a RM5,000 cheque to the church on behalf of the Wanita UMNO team. The 1Muhibbah spirit was clearly present too in the array of performances that saw an Indian, Chinese, Malay and even a Michael Jackson dance performed to the delighted squeals of the young and not so young audience. However, the one clear message that came through that night itself was that the spirit of Christmas, the love for all mankind – still exists – and that sharing the sweet breath of God thru his birth (Christmas) is what’s most important! Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to all those who contributed to make this party so special to the less priviledged, we the NGOs on the ground truly appreciate the efforts that made this party so wonderfully memorable to our poor kids!

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