Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Grand Prix with Petronas at Sepang

Most kids go gaga over racing cars, always imagining themselves in the driver’s seat and racing down a race track burning their tyres as they fancy themselves a Ferrari or a Porche streaking away and leaving their less talented drivers biting the dust.

Well for one Saturday afternoon, the children of single parents and poor families, were the special guests of national oil company Petronas led by its senior manager of Petronas Motorsports Promotions Management Roshaniza Ilmi Mohd Ali, at Sepang where they were able to see and experience for themselves the thrill, the fun and capture the excitement of world class car racing.

All 66 children, from as young as 6years to 22 years old were led from the cool comfort of the Paddock to the blistering hot cacophonic surroundings of the race track to witness for themselves the fun and funny side of racing.

Enroute to the Petronas racing car stall, the kids passed through some very interesting sights, beautiful sleek cars being revved up and undergoing various tests, hordes of racing fans snapping and videotaping their favourite cars, brands and drivers.

That there were so many beautiful racing girls, modeling alongside their respectively branded cars was another eye opener for many of the youngsters while having their photos taken next to the all-white rubbery Michelin character was indeed a thrill for them.

And when they got to meet young and handsome Afiq and two other really dashing looking Petronas rally drivers, the kids really went wild demanding for their autographs and treasuring these to show to their respective parent back home.

Once back in the cool comfort of the air conditioned Paddock, the youngsters hungrily gobbled down the tasty meal that had been laid out just for them while thirstily gulping down the ice cold cordial drinks to cool themselves down.

Replete with food, the youngsters then raced to the glass windows where they started paying more attention to the activities taking place down below where the cars were zipping in for quick checks and zipping out again in five minutes or less! Many were awed by the swift repairs, oil and gas checks they witnessed, some even said they’d want to be a part of the rally team when they grow up!

But the greatest fun the youngsters had was when they opened the Petronas goody bags they had received and tried out the water cooling fans – from then on, it was shooting mayhem all the way with many of the kids catching the Petronas staff and volunteers unawares with a sneaky blast of their fan “gun”.

Those kids that were initially very shy, soon became fast, albeit ‘wet’ friends and many went back and regaled their amused mums with their memories of fast cars, sexy girls and fast fan “shoots”. Almost all said they wanted to go again if Petronas issued another invite to them and they made it clear when they loudly and enthusiastically said “Best-nya” after saying their thank-yous to a very delighted Petronas staff. 

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