Thursday, June 27, 2013

Learning Station one year on....

A year ago, the Lioness of Subang Jaya wanted to do something to assist the community of Subang Jaya and they teamed up with Jumble Station to do a project that would impact the community.

The result was Learning Station where with the collaboration of single father and former fashion designer Adrian Ong, they successfully renovated what was once a storage space into a beautifully decorated designer shoplot that doubles as a boutique for the sale of  vintage clothings and a sewing station for those wanting to learn sewing.

Open to single parents and the poor in the low cost flats at Angsana and paying students elsewhere, Learning Station has been able teach many untutored or semi skilled women into the art of sewing. Jumble Station pays for those from the marginalized groups while the outsiders pay a very affordable sum of RM250 a month to learn sewing skills.

Today, one year later, students like Yeong Fong Pheng (a deaf mute who could not get a job because she is also illiterate) have shown a marvelous talent in sewing and now earns a decent living sewing from her home. She is now sought after to help especially in view of the upcoming Hari Raya festival when orders for Baju Raya overwhelms the tailoring shops.

Even the not so talented learners like Normala have been able to learn the rudiments of sewing and is now proudly in the midst of sewing her three children’s baju raya thereby saving a heap of money that would otherwise have gone to tailors.

For Suhaibah, who used to cut dresses using a machine, this one on one lessons in designing, sewing and embroidering her own clothes is an eye opener and the one means she has to increase her monthly income on a more regular basis compared to making cakes only for Hari Raya.

As for newcomer Jahuyah Suhib, the chance to learn a new skill thrills her to bits because now she knows that this skill can be turned into an income generating source for her future. Currently she bicycles to two different jobs just to make ends meet but age is catching up and she worries about being knocked off her bicycle leaving her 10 year old son alone!

For Subang Jaya Lioness president Sharon Tang and her members Ilene, Carol and Poo Eng, the visit to Learning Station is a fitting finale to her term  as president and it was heartening to know first hand how the Lioness of SJ were able to positively impact the lives of the poor in Subang Jaya alone.  

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