Monday, July 22, 2013

Thanks to all our faithful helpers and volunteers

JS had a thank you dinner at the Malacqa Nyonya Restaurant in Subang for its helpers, workers and volunteers and a total of 10 people turned up – the 3 co-founders Lian See, Sanice and Mary Anne while the others included Jayne Loh ( amcorp volunteer), Sally Lui party helper, Yun (lorry driver), Suhaibah (JS worker) Normala (JS volunteer), Adrian (sewing tutor and volunteer van driver) and Megan (trainee).

While the food was disappointing, the spirit that enveloped the venue was lively and fun. The 3 co-founders took the opportunity to thank the helpers for their dedication, urging them to forgive and forget slights and insults, to work willingly to impact the poor and the needy and more importantly, to always be motivated by love so that God’s blessings will flow readily into their own lives.

After that, the helpers surprised Lian See and Sanice with a belated birthday gift each – a set of pewter fruit picks for Lian See and a fat, jolly, golden piggy for Sanice! For both co-founders, it was a simple gesture of TQ from a deeply appreciative pool of helpers and volunteers. To all of them and those others who could not make it , we salute you folks for your willingness to avail yourselves to the cause of poor single parents – as Sanice says “Let’s all keep the flag flying till the end of our days!” Amen to that! 

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