Thursday, March 12, 2015

Introducing JS & PWP's family of workers

Jumble Station and PWP finally has a great team of workers to help run both retail outlets smoothly and efficiently. In Jumble Station's Subang Mewah shop we have Normala working from 10am-6pm Mon to Sat and 3pm-9pm Sundays while Hafiz comes in from 6pm - 9pm from Monday to Saturday. Over on the Jaya One side we have our newest worker Shafika who comes in from 10a m-6pm Mondays till Saturday and Khiew from 6pm - 9.30pm daily. Also in the family are Hasrun Manaf our part time lorry driver, Suhaibah our part time emergency helper and Adrian Ong who helps manage the operations of both retail outlets and co-ordinates the pickup of donated items in and around the Klang Valley region. On the other side is Jayapratha our social co-ordinator whose responsibility is to interview, visit and send over the cash and groceries to the single parents who are in need. JS & PWP's family of workers are a happy, diligent and very teachable bunch and we try to take them out for a meal in a restaurant both to show our appreciation of their efforts and a way to help motivate them towards working more passionately for the poor single parents cause. Many newcomers have no idea at first of the important role that the Jaya One and Subang Jaya outlets play in the generation of funds for single parents but when the mission and vision is shared, their desire and willingness to work beyond the mere issue of earning a salary is much more pronounced. Once the vision of working to impact and transform lives is conveyed to them, the eagerness and spirited response to their work is clear and evident, they all spontaneously want to work as a team and they take immense joy in knowing that they are doing their part, however small or big, in making both JS and PWP a powerful force for the good of poor single parents. There was also an unforseen surprise - the long time employees and the newbies all got together to give co-founder Mary Anne an Oscar for "Best Boss" leaving her totally flabbergasted and very touched by this very simple and geniune gesture of thanks. For Mary Anne who for 25 years was an employee (a journalist no doubt) this was tribute indeed. Her sincere wish, conveyed to the workers that night during the Japanese dinner at Amcorp Mall, was that JS and PWP will continue to rise to newer and better levels of achievements and that as a team they will all become personally successful in their own right someday. If that and the fact that more poor single parents can move from a position of abject poverty and helplessness to one of positive growth and financial stability - then JS and PWP has fulfilled it aims marvellously. Only time will tell but what is important is knowing that no one person can generate success, no one person can hold possessively to the reins of management - JS and PWP has always been about team work and team work will power this NGO upwards.

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