Thursday, March 5, 2015

Where there is a Will, there is a way to help....

Rockwills International Group has been around for ages signing up and making more Malaysians aware of the need to draw up a will and handle their estate planning in a more professional manner. Well today three top guns led by co-founder and group managing director Saw Leong Aun paid a visit to our charity shop at Jaya One (Level P1, The School) in Petaling Jaya for the express purpose of finding out how they can assist our poor single parents. First off, they were delighted to discover how PWP was able to recycle and up-cycle donated items and they could immediately envision how their large pool of Rockwills estate planners could just as easily chip in to help by sending their donated items to our newest outlet. They also shared the possibility of including us in their planned Family Day event in August where PWP will be given a booth to promote its activity. One other possibility is for the Rockwills Estate planners to help sponsor at least one school going child of poor single parents so that PWP’s Back to School programme for the December 2015 will be yet another happy and helpful event for the single parents and kids alike. PWP on its part is delighted to be one of the possible recipients of Rockwills largesse and we look forward to a fruitful and inspiring collaboration before the end of this year.

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