Saturday, March 19, 2016


Esther Punitha Subramaniam, 28 a single mother of 3 from Mantin Negri Semiblan has only known pain and rejection during her stormy relationship with her extremely abusive husband, Siva. Yet she was determined to be a good mother to Puvaneswari, 11yrs, Dinesh 10yrs and Abraham 2yrs old even as she struggled with her job as cleaner at KLIA, that brought in only a pitiful RM900 a month which was barely enough to keep the family alive. 

Her dire situation eased a little when her husband suddenly abandoned the family and disappeared from their lives. Still the worry over his strange disappearance added to her stress and Esther found herself battling financial and psychological worries while trying her best to keep her children safe and well fed.
Being uneducated, she found it extremely difficult and eventually her debts increased. First off was the rental, finding RM500 a month to pay for the three bedroom flat in Mantin was not easy, finding the money to pay the children’s school fees, buying petrol for her motorbike and not forgetting having enough cash left over to feed the ever hungry mouths.
Esther’s struggle to pay her rent and school fees drew the attention of her church pastor who stepped in to help out while PWP chipped in with monthly groceries and additional cash donation monthly to make life a little easier for this plucky single mum. She is also trying her hand at starting her own small food business to generate the funds she needs each month and PWP hopes to guide and assist her in making a success of this fledgling business.

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