Monday, March 28, 2016

Rockwills rock with timely donation

Rockwills rock with timely donation
Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd has a singular focus on folks being properly prepared for any dire eventuality in terms of the proper handling of their monies, assets and their last wishes. Yet when it comes to charity, this esteemed organisation has zeroed in on the here and now and Parents Without Partners Bhd (PWP) was recently the focus of its attention. 

Realising that single parents in Malaysia do need a helping hand now and not tomorrow, the group got together its vast teams of supporters and during a blood donation drive in conjunction with its anniversary celebration last year, they decided to do their bit to make life better for poor single parents under the care of PWP. Like PWP’s fundraising arm Jumble Station, Rockwills got its members to bring their unwanted stuff during the blood donation drive in late 2015 and the response to the donation drive was overwhelming, they opted to do it again during the Lunar New Year 2016, resulting in unprecedented sales of most the items that had been donated. 

A total of RM1,669.65 was raised from the twin events and the cheque was handed last week over to PWP Social Coordinator Jayapratha and Jumble Station Operations Manager Adrian Ong by Rockwills CEO and Group Advisor Low Wan Gem accompanied by Rockwills Assistant General Manager Tan Mei Yin and Public Relations Manager Cecilia Ng at PWP’s sales outlet at Jaya1, Selangor. 

When asked what inspired Rockwills to come alongside PWP and Jumble Station to assist poor single parents, the Assistant Manager Tan shared the fact that the CEO is himself a single parent and could easily relate to the difficulties faced in bringing up children in these trying times. They also felt that there is a need to help poor single parents because the stereotyped thinking is that single parents can still survive on one income but the reality is totally different in view of the rising costs of living. 

“The team felt that there was a need to create more awareness of PWP’s cause especially considering PWP extends its help to all races and there are single parents who genuinely are in need of help, Tan said.

Low himself said Rockwills will continue this donation drive with PWP from time to time by selling used items donated by its agents and contacts and donating the money to fund PWP’s worthwhile cause. “Certainly Rockwills looks forward to working with hand in hand with PWP for a cause that is meeting this special community so well,” he said.

On PWP’s part, the cash donation will be utilised to meet single parents’ more dire needs, such as paying their overdue rental payments, school transport fees or medical needs. Funds will also be utilised to buy computers, simple musical instruments, teaching equipment for school holidays classes etc for its newly launched Reading Station which aims to introduce English to the poor children in USJ1 Subang Jaya.

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