Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A helping Hand

Today, I was on hand to capture the moment when Jumble Station was able to extend or lend a helping hand to one single mother who lives within the vicinity of Jumble Station itself. Siti a mother of an 8 year old boy and a 6 year old daughter had just a week ago moved into a flat at Angsana Flats because she says "its the cheapest place I could find to rent." She has been a single mum for six years ever since she was pregnant with her daughter Fikah and was abandoned by her husband. "My ex-husband never even set eyes on Fikah and never bothered to see or ask about her!" Siti who works as a sales clerk says she was forced to send her son to live with her ex and his new wife in Sabah because "I cannot afford to care for two children on my little salary. Everyday I cry thinking about my son because I do not know whether he is being treated well or not by his father and his new wife." Siti now lives in an empty flat, she only has a mattress, a TV and some kitchen utensils, nothing else.

JS was able to give her a single mattress for her daughter (so she doesn't have to squeeze with her little girl on one mattress) and we're now looking for furniture to turn her flat into a home for free of course. Today, we were able to bring some measure of joy in her life when we handed over a bamboo shaped coin box filled with coins that had been donated by an Ivy Chew. We don't really know how much is in it but its a start for this mother and she is truly touched to know that there are kind folks out there like Ivy who are willing to lend a hand when help is needed, albeit on a more discreet way. For now, Siti knows that JS is here to help her and its only a matter of time before we'll get her the things she needs and hopefully someday soon, she can be reunited with her beloved son...

Check the pictures out.

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