Thursday, January 24, 2008

more pix of single mums that JS helped

This is an unusual case, the husband has been suffering from a kidney ailment for the last 14 years and has been on socso disability since. To all intents and purposes, the wife has been singlehandedly financially caring for the children's needs and its tough on her meagre salary

Nurain is an American Muslim abandoned by her Malaysian husband following an accident two years ago.

Lian See hands over cash to another single mum whose budget was stretched as a result of having to buy new shoes, uniforms, school exercise books and bus fares for her children's new school term

These are just some of the more recent single mums that JS has been able to assist, the others include:

Victoria Santaselvam and her 4 kids, 2-12 years old from Jalan Ipoh ,

Panjali Muniandi and her 5 kids 3years to 16 years from Sentul,

Rena Raju with 3 kids of her own and one from her dead sister, 2years to 6 years from Lembah Subang

Eshwari and her four children from Desa Mentari, Sunway

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