Friday, January 25, 2008

Lee Hwa Beng ADUN Subang Jaya learns about JS

Datuk Lee Hwa Beng the ADUN for Subang Jaya is one surprised YB when he discovered that Jumble Station is located almost smack on his doorstep - well just doors away from his Barisan Nasional centre at USJ1 . He found out about this during a slide show presentation about JS while hosting a dinner for the residents of Goodyear Court 10 on Friday night. He was of course delighted to learn that JS is impacting the lives of the poorer folks at Angsana Flats while also meeting the most dire needs of Single Parents and likens JS to the SIB shops in MidValley, except that JS chooses to be located in low cost areas rather than in the major shopping centres, so in that sense we're complementing them by reaching out to the poor in the poorer locations.
Great news too, JS shared about its proposal to launch a Trade-Up4JS game on Feb 14 where we plan to trade a toy train for something better until JS ends up with the van it needs, Datuk Lee sportingly said he's willing to help JS officially launch the game and what's more he's going to donate RM2,500 to help the cause of Single Mums... so there we have it... Valentine's Day at 12 noon, Datuk Lee will officially kick off the game and after that, it's anybody's guess as to how long or how far it will take before JS gets the van it needs.
Audacious of us to do this? Yup but hey we've got nothing to lose and besides its bound to be fun after all, JS is one social entrepreneur that believes in doing good in a fun and challenging join us and post your best offer from Feb 14 onwards that way Trade-UP4JS becomes a fascinating online charitable initiative...Pix above is Datuk Lee giving a speech to Court 10 residents and another of him handing over some of the donated items from the residents to JS co-founder and Single Mother coordinator Lim Lian See... cheers Antz

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