Thursday, November 28, 2013

Capital TV zeroes in on JS

 Business TV station Capital TV discovered that Jumble Station is a social enterprise, doing business where the profits are used exclusively for charity - in this case to help single parents who are in dire need - and invited us over early this morning for a quick morning talk at its studios located at Neo Damansara. Capital TV has been in existence for 2 years and is screened only to the subscribers of Telekom Malaysia's Unify services under its HyppTV programmes. It is touted as the 1st homegrown business TV channel in Malaysia offering indepth coverage of biznews, financial issues and bizlifestyle programmes. It broadcasts in full HD to TV screens on channel 420 HyppTV. 

The morning talk host  got a very happy Adrian and I to talk about how JS helps poor single parents and how JS focuses on poor single dads as well as poor single mums. We were able to share why we chose to focus on single parents (they are always below the radar of the charitable public/org) and how Adrian is one example of how we mentor the depressed, the lost, the needy. 

We also shared about how we try to empower the poor single parents to break out of their poverty cycle and how we conduct motivational courses to get them off to a better future with new skills and new mindsets. Adrian then shared about how with the help of JS he is able to discover a hidden talent in designing miniature clothes rather than merely focusing on real life dress designing per se. The entire TV crew were then left very Adrian’s meticulously designed dolls that feature Malaysian traditional costumes which will go on sale early next year when Jumble Station gets the space promised to display its crafts and collectibles at the JayaOne shopping mall. 
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