Saturday, November 16, 2013

JS featured in the Weekend Mail

Jumble Station was featured in this Friday’s Weekend Mail by the Malay Mail reporter Vanessa Gomes and it gives a pretty concise view of what we’re all about and what we’re doing to help poor single parents in the Klang Valley region. The first inkling about this report came from an SMS from one of our customers at Amcorp Mall, followed soon after by a couple of readers who wanted to know more about what we really wanted and how to get the items to us.

There was also a call from a reader who probed a little deeper into whether or not PWP/JS is a genuine charity and whether or not the monies raised will go to the intended target. Having reassured the caller that the 3 co-founders do not take a salary because they have their own source of income – Lim Lian See from her hair-salon, Sanice Kam from her kindergarten and Mary Anne from the rentals from her property investments – and that we do this from a passionate desire to assist this often overlooked group compared to orphans and the disabled or even the elderly – the caller promised to search her home for items that will be of interest to our cause. How lovely and timely indeed!     

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